first grow....plz look

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  1. You've got 9 bulbs going? Care to share your set up?
  2. Up to ten bulbs now. All 23w. I have two on top in a v connector. Then just have the surrounding 8 bulbs surrounding it so I can get light to those bottom branches. Are you growing with cfls?
  3. nice plant
  4. Just took a couple wire hangers and stretched them out to hang the lights. Still need to get some mylar but can't find it around here. Other than that just try and get as much coverage as you can.

  5. Thanks Kayakush
  6. I have a 4x2 grow tent with a 600w mh and hps bulb and anothe 1000 watt I'm not using ATM.
  7. Interesting concept to just surround it with light. Id figure a more even distribution of light. Looks great
  8. Here's my Lil buddy.

    Started the LST process but figured it was too soon

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  9. Sounds better than mine already. You should be more than ok with light
  10. I do have them distributed evenly on all four sides. All in v sockets except one. I got the most light coverage with this setup. Lights are kept just a few inches from plant.
  11. Looks great. In thinking of doin a cfl set up for veg and keep my tent as a flowering room
  12. Thanks ill look into those
  13. Just ordered the emergency blankets. Can't beat 4 of them for 4 dollars shipped. Thanks for the link!
  14. Lol. Honestly. 4$. I almost ordered them just in case. Lol
  15. Yea cant beat that
  16. How did you know it was ready to flower? Did you do anything?
  17. I just vegged for 5 1/2 maybe 6 weeks and flipped the lights to 12/12. From what I read the rule of thumb is veg till its about half as big as u want the final size.
  18. Honestly. My plants not getting taller.. It's getting wide.

    I'm about to start feeding nutes.
  19. Idk u my have an indica dominant plant. Mine shot up pretty fast and then bushed up more once I put it into flower

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