First grow...Please help.

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  1. Hello from Michigan!

    Pics at the end.

    2x4x7'8" built-in with tote shelves i promised my wife.
    2x vero 29 se 3000k b 90 cri 51v 92watts @ 1800ma.
    Means well 240h-1750
    160mm round passive heatsink.

    Im planning 2 plant scrog. 5 gallon hempy buckets and nutes.(future make my own soil). I pretty i need at least 2 more cobs maybe at a different kelvin.

    Comments welcome


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  2. Where is the grow?
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  3. Your thread says please help but what is it you actually need help with it would seem your whole thread doesnt even ask a question.
  4. you will need more light and be able to move them up and down closer to the plants. and what do you have for air circulation? fans going in and out? you will need a way to cool your cabinet, unless you are going to leave the door open when the lights are on. i had a temp problem with a 4' x 4' cab that i used to have.
  5. Basement 1 wall concrete. Will i need to insulate it and the floor?

    Lights are adjustable. Was thinking of adding 1 more cob also. Closed up all the time. Small fan to move the air and 4" exuast fan with filter. Im worried it will be to cold when the lights are out.

    Would my led driver handle a 36v cob? It would almost max it out.

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  6. You plants most certainly get cold when lights out you should get a space heater and put it on a timer and set your space heat up so that it will keep your box warm at lights out.

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  7. I put the thermometer in last night with the lights out and this morning it was 58 degrees. Currently with the lights on its 70. Still have to insulate the walls. Would having exhaust at the bottom and intake hole at the top help?

  8. Yea that getting down way to cold if your floor is concrete I would put some 2” styrofoam down because a lot of your cold is gonna come from your concrete. And 70f is still pretty cold for lights on you should be at least 80 with lights on and no lower that 70 with lights off. What’s the temp like outside your grow space?
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  9. Dropped in foam board the cover the concrete floor and wall, then hung this reflective insulation i found at lowes. Outside the grow space is a unfinished basement about 20x20 with furnace and water heater. Temp of the outside space is 64. The furnace has 1 vent that heats the space which is always open. I put lights back in with insulation to check temps with lights on and turn off overnight. Would a small radiator heater be the best bet and heat the outside space?
    Thanks for the help
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    You can and should definitely go lower than 70 during lights out if you want to get some colour in your buds. You want to mimic nature if possible, my plants get down to low 60’s during lights out with no issues what so ever. 60-70 during lights out and 70-80 during lights on is perfect.

    Cannabis Temperature Tutorial | Grow Weed Easy

    My New Grow
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  11. I put my intake at the top and holding steady at 65 with lights out. Anyone thinking of building a small grow room 4x4 or less, buy a tent instead. Ill post my cost spreadsheet when i get seeds in the ground.
    Planning on growing 2 cookie wreck plants and adding another cob led or something else. Any other sativa dominant strains I should in to?
    Peace out.
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  12. Build Cost List.

  13. Looking legit. I personally wouldn't have the net in there just yet, looks great and all, just a pain in the ass to work around till necessary. Trust, your going to want to spin your plants around a tinker with the back side for a bit, and rasing and dropping a scrogger gets old quick.
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