First grow please help!!

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  1. Hello,
    So I found a few seeds that I have been hanging on to for years and decided to grow them . Have no clue of the strain . No fancy equipment just in a pot on my patio. My plants are ok but they are struggling lol I have 4 that I planted in late April. One broke and I'm am trying to clone it . Any advice for me on when I should start to flower or just advice in general

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  2. Transplant them into bigger pots, very rootbound plants will start loosing the lower leaves and work it's way up.
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  3. Bigger pots. More light. Pick up a book and start learning how much it takes to grow a decent quality plant. Education and knowledge are the keys to a quality plant and flower.

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  4. if left on ur patio they will naturally fall to senescence now you passed the longest day !

    add as much soil as you can to each pot

    in anticipation of the stretch

    good luck

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