First Grow, Please Help :(

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  1. i am on my grow box. Its a Pc case about 16" tall I have 2CFLs and two exhaust fans. My intake is weak and im going to work on that but i am having problems with my ventialation
    My plants tips are yellowing and sort of dying. my temperature is 85 so i know its hot. Is it because of the heat or something else?
    picture attached is my set up. will attach a picture of plant tonight.
    please help :(

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    temp is way to high imo. gotta get it under 80 at least. especially if ur not getting enough fresh air in there. how old are they and what, if anything are you feeding them? what is ur medium?
    tips dying probably not the heat. heat would affect the whole plant not just tips. check ur ph as well.
    edit: oh, and there is no pic
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    are your leaves curling upwards? 
  4. actually yes, started today.
  5. yea that means its way too hot in there. try to get your temps down. 
    I dont know why i said plants. one ended up dying before fully sprouting. 
    anyways, the plant is a week old, on soil and havent fed them yet. looking into what kind of nutrients to get. like i said i did a lot of research before starting but still very uneperienced. It would suck if it died on me. 
    whats the best method for checking PH
  7. Not sure if you are able to see the picture i put up (because I cant see it) also not sure if you know about micro grows but what can you suggest I do to fix the temperature without risking smell or light leak.
    Also will the plant die if it stays too hot?
  8. check ur runoff ph. get a cheap ph kit at walmart, home depot, or amazon.
    if u can cool the ambient temp of the room ur grow is in that may help a bit. they may likely die if heat isn't stabilized.
    also they won't smell at a week old so focus on cooling as opposed to covering smell. when they are older they can withstand more stressful situations. at this young u want to avoid as much stress as possible
  9. no i can't see it. lol i suggest getting a stronger intake fan if you can. whenever my plant gets too hot i also mist it with water but you gotta put the light a little farther away if you do that. the plant probably won't die but it will stunt growth and stress out the plant promoting herming. 
  10. Yeah try to increase circulation, it should take it down a few degrees. I try to stay 75-78, but occasionally it gets up to 80. I got two mini personal fans from wally world, $10 ea.
  11. Okay, Thanks so much for the help, guys. Im going to work on adjust my temperature tonight. thanks :)
  12. Didnt know this. Also one more thing. 
    One of my fans has 4 colored leds. no that big or bright but can that influence my plants growth?
  13. You don't want ANY light in the dark period when flowering, even a couple non-green LEDs will promote herming and at the very least affect yeild. Cover those suckers up or grab a cheapo one that doesn't have them.

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