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    Ok so i planted a seed for my very first time 1 week ago, its sprouted, its about 2-3 inches tall! I put it in a pc grow box that i made, that has 2 fans, and intake and an outtake. I let it germinate too long (as you can see). It also has 3 15w cfls (for now). Will my plant survive under this condition for about a week till i get stronger lights? How much lights do i need? Any advice?

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  2. get your lights closer to prevent anymore stretching
  3. i am not an expert, but i think it will be fine. dunno how much light a seedling needs, but if its 100w for a flowering plant, a seedling would do fine with 45w. thats my guess
  4. Any thing else?
  5. honestly i dont use cfl's so i cant really give ya much more to go on but in absolute beginners there are stickies that will answer almost all your questions.
  6. Ok thanks, im going to buy 4 26w cfl next week, does that sound about right?
  7. i use a 2ft fluorescent tube 40w 2 inches above the soil to prevent stretching and continue to move the light two inches when the plant touches the light until ensures an even grow every time and the plants wont burn.
  8. Closer light.
  9. Its about 2 inches fron the light now!!!
  10. As others have said.. Get the light closer.. On the few occasions I have employed cfl's I have bunched them together to get as much wattage as possible.. at least 4-5 I would say.. and get them RIGHT about the plant..

    I'm not trying to talk shit or anything but that dirt(or wood chips) your using for dirt is not gonna provide a good root haven for the poor thing.. I would either remix it with some perlite or ditch it completely for 50 50 coco and perlite mix.. You'll be much happier with the results...
  11. ^ agreed

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  12. Haha its all good, i just grabbed the most expensive bag of soil at walmart and called it good, but ill definitely get what you said
  13. Here it is a couple hours after i moved it closer to the light, its already looking better!!!

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  14. i agree with irie I'm using bio bizz all mix with a bit more perlite added although its already in the all mix it don't hurt to add a little more.
  15. Where would i get it?

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