first grow! please check out my plan!

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  1. Ok so I live on the east coast of south carolina in a small urban town around a bunch of weed dealers who like to use my back yard to break up weed and throw the seeds all over the place.
    So I notice one day that holy shit I got weed growing wild in my backyard! I dug a couple up and placed them under regular cfls in my closet just to fuck around with. To my surprise it grew about three feet and chillin, but it's a mid grade plant. Fuck that.

    Anyway cut to the chase I got a buddy that lives on one of the islands around here and tells me we should start a grow out there. You can only get there by boat and cops don't have juriadiction so hell yeah I said. So we go out and spend two days crawling through thick jungle type shit until we found a very secluded spot...


    As you see its about four by six maybe a lil bigger... Awesome thing is this soil is dope and there is fresh water only about 18inches beneath surface. Time to buy seeds

    So I finally did some shopping and got the seeds. Cheese is the strand. And also got some t5 sun blaze lights and aurora soil and sponge cubes for the seeds to build stronger roots.


    I'm going to wait till they are a foot tall to start hardening them to sun and by mid April I'll do a night mission and paddle them bitches to paradise.

    All ten sprouted and this what they look like at day 2.


    My question is

    1.) do I need bigger plot for ten plants or can they grow touching?

    2.) what y'all think? Good plan or bad?
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    it would be better if they all had their own grow space( no competition for nutes,water,sunlight etc) though it is possible for them to grow in a group........I thot u said pot jus re-read and saw "plot"....10 plantz could grow there easily,though I would go a lil bigger personally
  3. Yeah... Only got so much room though. Place is surrounded by tall bushes.
  4. They can touch but they will end up competing for light and nutrients. If too close they could end up killing each other due to roots not having room. Give them 5 feet or more apart.
  5. What if ground is super nute enriched?
  6. well....that's just better for your plants if the surrounding soil is good
  7. Google Earth the site and find which way East and West are. Sun rises in the east, sets in the west so it will help you determine what trees to cut or trim.
    I'd also buy pots, if water is 18 inches under the soil, I would dig 1 hole for water and have pots full of soil with the plants. Just to be on the safe side, not worth losing 10 plants.

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