First Grow, Plant Wilting, I Need Some Tips

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    So I amvery new to growing and decidied just to grow one plant to see how it would work out. My plant looked fine before I watered it butnow that idid it is wilting! I am using espoma organic potting mix and thatnis it. It has been a window sill grow so far and plan on moving it 8ut shortly. Is the cup its in small right now? Does it look unhealthy? Please let me know!

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  2. Doesnt look like its wilting too bad, try adding more soil around the base and it might help keep it from getting worse.
  3. Is the cup its in to small? Should I move it outside?
  4. Im no expert when it comes to growing, but i think you should put it in a bigger pot with more soil. The more soil around the base will help to stabilize it. Idk about putting it outside or not sorry
  5. Ok thanks, I really appreciate it. Other than it wilting, does it lookvhealthy? Anymore help would be gretly appreciated
  6. terribly overwatered
  7. Is it really? I havnt watered it in 3 days so I thought it would be time because the soil was so dry. Does it need to be moved to a bigger pot?
  8. dry?  that soil is black, looks wet.  you have no drainage at the bottom of your cup, which is a big no no
    you may be getting root rot from stagnant water.  cannabis needs a drink and then let it dry til you pick the cup up and it feels empty, it's so light.  That's when you can water it again.
  9. So what should I do to help the roots breathe?
  10. transplant to a bigger pot with a soil/perlite mixture, crumble the root mass a bit to loosen it up before you put it in the new hole, pack down firmly  and lightly water then leave it alone till the soil is DRY, probably about a week.  That tiny plant is barely drinking any water at all I'm sure.
  11. Ok thanks for the info. How much perlite do I mix in with the soil? The plant is going tomgo outdoors so after I transplant it do you think I should leave it outside? Does the plant other wise look healthy or is it a little wimpy?
  12. I shoot for 30-50% perlite, you may want to go closer to 50% since your original mix had barely any.
    it looks very unhealthy, you need to dry the soil.  This makes it grow new roots and stretch out to find an water left in the soil, which in turn makes a stronger plant.  Also, it should have a breeze from a fan on it, helps exchange fresh air for photosynthesis, and strengthens the stem to support itself better
  13. Okhow long do you think I have before its ruined? I dont have perlite but I have my potting soil and a bigger container. So for now should I just transplant it into some new soil and container and then get some perlite soon or should I wait until I can mix the perlite with it all around?
  14. you can mix, just let that damn soil dry, and do the transplant as soon as you can.  It should be okay for another week as long as you stop drowning it.
  15. Ok I really appreciate all of the help. Just one last question, since I can wait another week should I poke some holes in the side for now to let it dry out while I wait to get the perlite?
  16. you can, but holes really just help standing water drain so it doesn't sit at the bottom
    at this point, you don't have water I'd hope, just wet soil
    but yeah, if it's that wet than poke a hole and let it drain.  I'm guessing it's just damp and you have to wait for it to air dry and the plant to drink what it wants.
  17. Ok thanks a lot hello ladys!
  18. Get that thing off the window sill and outside or at least under a couple CFL lights.  Its stretching for light which is why it is so tall and lanky.  
  19. So its not supposed to be that tall?
  20. Not that "skinny", should have 2-3 times as many side branches. Normal problem with low light.

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