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    I was initially going to plant into soil but, since my tent is small it was suggested I go coco to maximize yields and space.
    -Tent: 24x24x60
    -Lights: 400w MH kit. I will be growing autos so, will have to get an HPS bulb my ballast does take both.
    -Carbon filter and inline fan
    - 1 Oscillating fan
    - 5 maybe 6; 1.5 gallon pots
    As far as set-up is this good? I have attached a sketch of set-up.
    -5 Auto purple Kush seeds
    -PH and PPM meter
    -Canna Coco
    -Canna A & B
    -Canna Flush
    -Canna rhizotonic
    -Formulex I can not find this in the states and good subs?
    I first looked at coco through this journal and would like to follow something similar:
    Now I am still a bit confused on the watering. I plan on hand watering I read through the whole thread linked and though it states how much nutes to water per liter it does not say how to water or how much.
    I had some good advice "mix 5-10 gallons at a time. water/feed, till i hear dripping"
    How would yo go about this if watering multiple times a day?
    How does the whole plan/set-up look so far? Any input/suggestions?


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  2. Bump...Anyone out there?
  3. G'day mate, I use coco in 3 gal pots. I mix up nutrients 20-30 litres at a time and water every day, once a day when the lights come on, which is at night for me. I give just enough to see a bit of run off, then every third day I water heavily till the pot trays are full and leave this for the girls to drink. You'll work out how much and how often to water each pot without flooding out the bottom. Use a measuring jug or something so you know exactly how much your giving.I don't see the advantage of small feedings in a medium like coco that's holds so much moisture. Better to flood once and let dry I think.Sent from my C6903 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
    Do you vary nutrient ratios weekly or every couple weeks or just use something like 3ml per liter of water?
  5. Also any recommendations on a Formulex substitute? I can not find it stateside.
  6. Yep I increase nute strength weekly, but I never get to full strength. Sensi nutes are 4ml per litre but highest I get is 3ml. If I'm adding bloom boosters, which I do from a few days before flipping to the end then I'll add less bloom as well as the booster will increase strength as well. I don't have an EC meter so I play it on the safe side and watch my girls carefully. Any curling or yellowing of the pointy leaf tips and it's to strong and burning them.I don't know what formulex is sorry. What's it do?Sent from my C6903 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    Did my first grow last year in a 3x3x6 tent, 400W MH and HPS..  Ran 4 NLs in coco.  Made some mistakes for sure, one of which was doing my first grow trying to manage hand-watering 4 plants.  It gets crowded fast in flower and monitoring and reacting to 4 individuals was a bit much for a Noobe.  I was using 2gal smart pots and the plants damn near grew into the lights.  There were plenty of contributing factors, but the upshot here is that the height of those 5 gal pots could become an issue for a noobe grower with 60" of vertical space already reduced by the HID lamp.  
    I fed to about 20-25% runoff.  Of the many problems I faced, salt build up was not one of them.  There has been debate between some pretty good growers as to whether it is best to let the coco dry a bit between feedings, or to keep it moist.  I flipped a coin and went with keeping it wet. Never had trouble with deficiencies or lockout until the 2gal pots started drying out between feedings during flower.  I'm not sure if the dry coco was really the culprit, but I have read that allowing it to dry will raise both EC and PH. 
    Running a second round now, and will only flower two plants this time.  
    Good luck and have fun with it!
  8. I would step your pot size up to 2 gallon smart pots.  Get good run off trays large enough to catch somewhere between 10 to 25 % runoff at half strength nute when you feed.
    You are going in coco so you will need to buy a quart of calcium magnesium to supplement with every watering.. just a cap full in a 5 gallon jug from the get go and during every feeding will be fine. Idk, sometimes throw a couple in there switch it up mang.  Don't be shy on the A and B... mix up to 75% sometimes than maybe take a break at the next watering and just feed water with a little cal mag.  I mix and water out of 5 gallon drinking jugs for me it works perfect.  You will learn to read the plants as ya get better.
    I love the botanicare line of nutrients to supplement the canna nutrients you already have got.  Sounds like you have done some well research should me a private message if ya wanna get into anyone more detail mang.  The rhizotonic is great really only need to use once in a high dose by itself already week 3-4.  Maybe through a 25% dose in a few days prior too.
    Not sure about what this formulex is you are talking about??
    For flowering botanicare makes pro bloom, cns17 ripe, and hydroplex which is a great 3 part feed.

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