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  1. This is going to be my first grow, and am a bit nervous to grow indoors first time, so have chosen to do an outdoor grow.

    Location : Wasteland / Forests outskirts (south facing), UK (Northern Hemisphere)

    Genetics : Auto AK47 ( Lowlife Seeds - 4/5 plants ) + White Rhino ( World of Seeds - 1/2/3 plants )

    Harvest time : Need to be dried and cured by August, so harvesting end of July. This wont be a problem for the autos, but not sure about the White Rhino ( need it for the yield ). Need it dried for August because got some big events on.

    Method : Dig big holes ( 50 litres ) and fill with good soil / nutrients. Egg shells round the edges ( No large animals anywhere near ) and plant the seed. Going to put a drinking glass on top of the seed for germination ( humidity dome ). Water every 3/4 days. I realise that this harvest will be a bit early, so I plan to plant early, then reduce the light it gets (cover the plants partially ) to initiate flowering?

    Other bits : I've got somewhere to dry, so that wont be a problem, and I think I've got everything else organised, just wanted to check with some people who are a little more experienced?

  2. August is just going to be too early for white rhino. You'd be better off doing all autos and suffering the lower yield than harvesting bud that prematurely.
  3. Ok, not even if I started the White Rhino a bit earlier than advised? Are there any decent strains that will bud for this time frame, or am I just going to have to go with the yield from the autos.

    At an ounce a plant, it doesnt really seem worth the effort, especially at £50 for 5 fem seeds.

  4. Late July/early August is when non autoflowering strains are just starting to flower. Autos are your only option im afraid :cry:
  5. Ouch. Alright, I'm being more realistic, I'm planting the White Rhino, but will harvest it after the autos. Does the first plan sound alright to do this?

    What kind of nutrients would give best results?

  6. Yea it all sounds good. But honestly, theres better strains out there to choose from then White Rhino. But I digress...

    Fox farm nutrients are probably the most popular (you have to ph correct it I think), it's hard to say what would give the best results. You could also go organic and use bat guanos and stuff, or you could use BioCanna (I've heard nothing but good things).
  7. you can always start the plants inside early in the year and then move outside so they will be ready to harvest in time
  8. I dont think starting inside would be possible, anyway, would that help with the harvest time? Sorry, I know I'm being very arrogant, but would they smell much when germinating? I think the transfer would be giving her too much stress.

    Which better strains are there than White Rhino? I'm looking for some decent yield, and the Rhino seemed to have about 18% THC, with about 1kg yield.

    Thank you so much for your help,

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