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  1. I don't know anything about growing marijuana this is my first attempt.
    i started the whole germination process 4 days ago.
    Can someone guide me step by step?

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  2. Currently under a florescent light. 20 hours a day
  3. Don't think that little one needs to be soaking in that much water. Try and keep those CFL's close so she (hopefully) doesn't stretch that much.

    I am not going to guide you, but you can read all the stickies in the beginners section and that is more than enough to get you started. Good luck!
  4. the soil is too wet man i think u could get root rot or something

    keep the seedling very close to the light almost touching just dont let it burn.if u use like a computerfan blowing on seedling u can put it really close and the wind will help it grow.
  5. good advice my first grow the stem was tiny and could barely hold up the plant then i put a fan on the sprout right up close and within a couple days the stem toughened up.

    The soil does look too wet too, what kind of dirt is that? Random outside dirt?
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    I see quite a few problems.. Looks like way, way too much water.. Those two in the right pic are practically swimming in sludge.. That will lead to root rot which is not a good thing..

    The soil doesn't look of very good quality at all.. Is that dirt from outside? If not what brand are you using?

    I'm assuming you don't have a fan, ventilation system, carbon filter, etc.. Growing isn't very cheap so I hope you are up for the challenge..

    I also see you have more than one in both those pots.. Also a no, no.. The roots will get tangled up so if you get a male you won't be able to remove it or one could strangle out the other later on for root space..

    If that is four different plants you don't have enough light.. 100 for the first 50 for everyone after unless you plan on doing a micro, but even then you wouldn't have enough light for 4 I'd say..

    Good effort, but read some stickies and they will get you through.. Most will give you step by step instructions on what to do.. Doubt you'll get that kind of help in the forum.. The forum is for specific questions, the stickies are the guides.. Goodluck.. Later
  7. good stuff here sammie....op..take this to heart,,,get decent soil and add 1/3 perlite for drainage....get them puppies into there own pots....back away with the fire hose...their weed...not water lillies:D...not givin' ya a hard time but we show tough love till ya show us yuor the training...mediums.....lights...ventilation......plant me if you have specific problems..but good man...research:smoke:
  8. Why would u germinate a seed and have no idea where to go from there?

    Looks like your seedling is in mud. But everyone has allready rung your neck bout that...

    I suggest that you practice on bagseed AND THEN use your good seeds.
  9. Can I ask where did you get your seeds from? Is it the G13 labs Pineapple Express? This looks like it could get interesting.
  10. He just has to make it that far, I hope it is that strain/breed though. But he has a lot of reading to do.
  11. Thanks Dea, appreciate man.. Just doing what I can haha:bongin:
  12. how about you do some of your own research instead of expecting someone to help you step by step
  13. yea your soil looks like my dogs diarrhea when its sick. get some fox farm or some sunshine mix.
  14. I would recommend you doing some more research as others have stated. If you are having a hard time figuring it out a great book to invest in is Marijuana Horticulture Bible by Jorge Cervantes. It will tell you everything you need to know. And a tip from me is to keep it simple and over/underwatering is a very common problem for beginners. Also try to get everything you need before starting so that you are ready because sometimes its hard to get the things you need at times of emergencies. Just my .02

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