First Grow (Pineapple Chunk/tangerine Dream)

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    Hey guys whats up? Not much here just thought I would post up a couple pic's and start my grow log. I am a medical patient in WA state and a disabled veteran and was hoping to get some feed back. This is my first grow since I have gotten out of the Navy, so I am still a noob and learning more every day.
    Anyways I live in a 3 story townhouse and had to set up in my garage, the weather is very relaxed up in the pacific northwest and my garage stays cool. I did not skimp on equipment and went with what the Hydro store over in Portland recommended.
    I originally planed to set up the grow tent in my downstairs computer room, but the 2x4 tent was actually quite bigger then 2x4 and is like 8 feet tall to boot; anyways, I got a switchable ballast w/ 400 MH and HPS bulbs with an  6" air cooled hood. I ran duct out of the tent and placed my fan outside with a duct silencer to keep down on the noise ( its pretty quiet now). I also picked up a Phresh carbon filter 6" x 24" which I am going to hook up in the tent once I start flower and keep negative pressure, if this keeps the smell down cool! but if not I will look into other measures to help keep smell down. Its imperative that there is no smell since I have neighbors.
    I picked up 8 clones (4 Pineapple Chunk / 4 Tangerine Dream) and put them in 3 gallon smart pots on 6/8/13. I plan to veg these guys out for 3 weeks then jump into flowering. the plan is while  vegging I will top/fim/top/fim to keep the plants nice and bushy.
    I am also using full line of Botanicare nutrients but left out Aquashield/Hydroplex and Sweet because the employee of the shop told me there is not much of a difference and he could not notice anything with his grows. I plan on using the Pure Blend Pro Advanced soil formula feeding schedule on the Botanicare web site and feed with every other watering.
    Right now my temps are about 77 with the light on and 60-70 with light off during the day. Also I am using Fox Farm soil the ocean one.  I am sure I left out some info somewhere but any feed back is greatly appriciated!! the Plants have been in the tent for 3 days so far and are looking awsome!

  2. Hi, just grew both strains, PC and TD.
    I must say I was very happy with both strains... Tangerine Dream 9 1/2 flowering, Pineapple Chunk 60 days. 90 grams dry TD , 102 gm PC... It was my first time growing them as well. My room 7x7 1000 w hps 6" inlet fan .. Use FF OF soil as medium.. Fox farm nutes , open sesame , beastie Bloomz
    And ChaChing ... However i never applied or brought the other nutes that is needed to grow that serious medicine. Fox Farms Big Bloom , Big Grow and Tiger Bloom...that being said I did well, still had dank ! Now I'm growing again regen and clones of both with the feeding regime prescribe by Fox Farm with all its nutes .. Upload pics late phone dying..
  3. You're going to enjoy the pineapple chunk cross. It's not a stable strain genetically but it's a pleasure. Mine tended to flower 10+weeks if I remember correctly.

    Have fun, growing is a great endeavor :)

    ~ poke

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