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  1. i was told its normal for tha bottom leaves to yellow up and fall off but tha leaves above them are GREAT
  2. wow i wouldnt post pics if i didnt want comments. can yall please comment
  3. Nice Plant. Get the weeds out of your soil.

    How much derect sun light does she get.
  4. thanks.idont kno a single thing about this stuff. but wat do the weeds do
  5. They steal food from your plant. I would transplant soon. Add some perlite to your new soil. Without perlite the soil gets packed and so do the roots.

    How old is this plant?
  6. straight sunlight. like its pretty much in tha open but not to wear ppl can see it
  7. your gonna have to tell me what transplanting is. and i really dont how old it is. call it a gift
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    Transplanting is moving up to bigger pot.

    I think your plant is growing slow for the soil is packed. When you dump say 1/2 gallon of water on your plant. How long does it take the water to drain under the soil? Does it drain slow or fast?

    It's from seed for I see no alternating nodes.
  9. Weeds take nutrients from the soil and if there are enough they will choke your plant as they compete for root space.
  10. i cant get a bigger a pot and your damn right its growin reaal slow but its ok idont really want it to be THAT tall. its outside and tha space its in is really good for sunlight but if it gets bigger it will attract attention but it could go a couple more feet. by the way. when does 12/12 start outside

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