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First Grow (pics)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ford12508, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Well I started growing and here are some pictures :hello:





    The photos are a little blurry, sorry. The auto focus on the camera didn't do a damn thing, and the manual focus sucked because it had such a limited range of like 50CMs to 5Ms

    One more pic, my trippy background

    PS I realize I have a lot of things running in my toolbar.

    My set up is a basic T8 Fluorescent bulb right now, I need something bigger soon. I have it on an adjustable piece of wood, which allows me to raise or lower it 1 inch. I have a small fan pushing about 40CFM with some of that hitting the plants, the sidewalls are covered in white computer paper. Any other questions I would be happy to answer. There girls were born may 18th and have been doing quite well. Although the pictures aren't great you can see their really healthy color. I am proud of this because it's my first grow and they are doing great so far. I think they are almost done on their second node. I realize that I stretched them slightly in the beginning, so I stunted them a little for the last couple of days, so the first and second node a pretty close together. Any feedback to improve them would be nice. Also, the soil is a Fafard potting mix without time release nutes.
  2. good luck on the grow, you can start a grow journal if u like, unless you had a question.

    P.s.- u need more light in your box.
  3. I know it doesn't have much, but they seem to be doing fine for now, and I am planning on adding some soon.
  4. Where did you get your backround man! please tell me!
  5. +rep brah thanks man:)

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