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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Mordecai, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. I know I'm probably doing something wrong here, so just let me know... keep it nice :smoke:


    I know the plants should be in individual pots, I'm going to separate them all after they get a little bigger and stronger.
  2. I'm no expert but it seems like they are stretching very early.. try moving the light closer.
  3. your gonna need to move the above light closer or else they'll juz keep stretching like that
  4. After I move the lights closer, when do I start moving them away?
  5. Even though i'm a noob; Keep them alway sabout 4 inches away,that's safe an dif there really strong lights as in they give off s shit load of heat a little further if they make the back of your hand hurt when u put it above the plant then it's to hot to be that close...But stick to 4 inches away always.
  6. You should transplant your plants into separate pots so that the roots dont get tangled together. And dont use glass pots, get something that will block the light from getting to your roots. im no expert, but ive heard that light will burn the roots of plants.
  7. if your useing cfl's keep the lights as close as possible, start @ 4" away, put your hand above the top of your plants for 1min, if the light is to hot for your hand, its to hot for the plants, if not move them closer until its to hot for your hand, then raise them until its not hot for your hand. & when u transplant, put them in non clear container, roots dont like light, it will kill them.
  8. one plant per pot
  9. I got everything situated for now. All the plants are in their own pots. I had too many so I sold some :)

    All the soil is fresh (except for what the roots were in) and the lights are closer.

    I put some fans up in there, as you see in the pics below I have one fan pushing air through the door and one fan inside thats blowing air out. Hopefully some of the wind inside hit each of the plants so they can get some strength.

  10. Ok, so I finaly got around to update this (if anyones lookin). I got a few pics of my plants.

    These two are from day 10 from sprouting outa the soil.

    These are the same two at day 14 in the soil. I moved one of the plants to a 4 gallon bucket.

    Still day 14...

    I watered the plants with straight H20 for the first two weeks. I used extended release potting soil, never having any problems. I've only used the ferts once and that was yesterday, I used are "Schultz 10-5-10 Plant Food Plus" and Dried Blood Meal (recomended dose).
  11. Great work man, keep it up. I'm myself only at sprouting stage and hoping to get as great bushes as yours (hopefully?) bitches.
  12. No pics tonight. Today when I got home from work I noticed all of my prize plants have gotten considerably bigger. It makes me pretty happy seeing these things grow healthy and fast... makes me feel like a good dad. :)

    Most of my plants look like they get bigger and bigger every single time I look at them. Soon I'll be harvesting my babies and smoking them until next season :smoking:

    I'll have some better/more pics up later tonight or tomorrow.
  13. day 14? is that counting from the day you put the seeds in water and started germinating? If yes then your grow looks pretty solid, from my little exprience, your plants are well developed and healthy for 14 year old.

    My plants are 18 year old and they are not nearly as developed, pics soon
  14. lol, i mean 18 days old, not 18 years :smoking:
  15. Today would be their 16th day since the start of germination.

    The bigger plants are starting to produce that beautiful smell, and 5 finger leaves. I have more than I want so I'm trying to give some away, then Ill be able to raise the lights as the plants grow more and more.

    Also, does anyone know when you can tell if the plants are Indica or Sativa?
  16. you might want to try to keep your grow room cleaner, will help elminate any probs, like fungas, mold, bugs, etc. resulting in healther plants
  17. Naturally you will have to remove some of them anyway, because some will be really under developed. Some might get sick and if you want less plants then the best solution will be just to remove the sick plants and not treat them. and of course some will be males
  18. Yeah, I dont want them to get sick, but it will help me out a bit.

    I have one plant in a 4 gallon bucket with its own plant light that looks really healthy. Some of the leaves are getting a very light purple tint... anyone know what that means?
  19. Ok, so, I came home from poker night to check on my babies and see how they've grown. Well, the plant that I have in the 4 gal bucket with its own grow light looks amazing! The stem is thick and healthy looking, and quite taller than the others.

    I noticed a while ago that my plants were stretching because the light was too far away. The Alpha plant in the buckets light is about 9-10 inches away from the plant, yet its bigger and thicker than all the others. Others being the ones growing with the flouros. If I put the light as close as possible without doing any damage, the leaves grow bigger and bigger and more keep on coming. But, if I move the light not even as far as the alpha plants light, the stem looks weak and thin.

    If you took the time to read that, basically what I'm asking is how to get near to the same results with the "Other" plants as I am with the "Alpha" plant (i.e. tall, thick stem)

    Heres the "Alpha" Plant

    Heres the biggest "Other Plant"
  20. it could possibly have something to do with the alpha having its own light?

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