First Grow (Pics Included) - F13 and White Rhino

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    Aesthetic Cleanliness and Condition of the room will improve as I have more time. I won't have time to set everything up right and clean for another few days.

    All comments and suggestions welcome.

    Grow Information

    Soil Mix: Fox Farms Ocean Forest... That's it.

    Nutrients Vegging:

    Liquid Karma
    FoxFarms Grow Big

    1 teaspoon each per gallon of water, fed once a week to the plants.

    Nutrients Flowering:

    Liquid Karma
    FoxFarms Tiger Bloom

    1 teaspoon each per gallon of water, fed once a week to the plants.


    Here is my mother and 5 clones under 600 Watt HPS. Light is on 24/7. Soil is Ocean Forest.

    May 11th



    May 21st



    May 26th



    White Russian

    1000 Watt HPS. Light is on 24/7 right now, but I am switching to 12-12 in 3 days and planning on 60 days of flowering. Watering a gallon every other day. Soil is Ocean Forest.

    May 26th



    Additionally, I'll also be starting 6 clones of Maui Wowi in a couple days. Pics and details will come as those get going :)
  2. No love or suggestions? :)
  3. how did u get it that bushy man looks amazing!!
  4. That White Rhino bush looks great, how much do you expect it to yield?
  5. Basically just plucking off all the new vertical growth... and doing that many many times... forcing it to make only tops.

    At least a half pound... but I am hoping for a pound... though that may be unrealistic.
  6. Make sure those clones get some lovin too.....they look a little dry.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. They are actually that way because of overwatering. They are starting to come back though after I cut them off for a few days.
  8. What breeder did you choose for that white rhino? Just because the leaves dont have a very indica look to them at all. Fucking sexy looking plant tho :eek: GL with the grow.
  9. White rhino is looking awesome. how long have you had it going?
  10. The guys that I got it from run a pretty commercial grow operation, and I cloned it from one of their plants. I don't really know anything about it other than that it is White Rhino. So excited because that will be the first plant I get to witness flowering.
  11. :smoke:good looking plant, hopefully we will get to see some pics of some buds
  12. It's about 3.5 months of vegging so far. Monday is the day I switch it to 12/12. :)
  13. lookin good bro! white rhino is amazing btw if you have never had it
  14. Thanks man... I had an issue with the White Rhino this morning.

    Somehow a branch near the bottom of the plant broke. I don't know how it happened, but I suspect that when I moved the room it was in a couple weeks ago somehow that branch got damaged.

    I haven't had White Rhino before, but I am very excited to try it out... a lot of it. :smoke:

    Also, I'm planning on taking down the dimensions of my dedicated grow house today. Will be posting that in the grow room design forum and getting advice. So stoked!
  15. Ah!!! So over the last few days my F13 mother picked up a bad case of spider mites.

    The only options I've heard are lady bugs and something called KONK.

    My friend who has grown much more than me says that ladybugs don't help very much because of something to do with the fact that they are forcefed before you buy them.

    Does anyone have any idea where to buy KONK?

    Any other ideas?
  16. Ive never heard of KONK, but Im pretty sure Neem oil will work as well.
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    I've been reading tons of threads on here and it seems like Neem oil isn't very effective. (Though... I will certainly try it.)

    I also just realized that I've got gnats too... so I've put a cup filled with a little vinegar right below the plant... hopefully that solves that issue.

    Sheesh... this plant really got out of control quickly... it was perfect just 4 days ago now it looks like it has some serious issues.

    By the way... I read in another thread on here that water diluted vodka sprayed all over the plant got rid of mites very well, so I think I am going to try that tomorrow.
  18. a tip ive heard though is the best thing to do would be to use a wet sponge on your leaves every 2 to 3 days, it wont stop the problem but contain it and regularly spraying the plant will also help, you get spidermites because of the dry stale conditions from water intake being cut down, the first signs of spidermites is yellow specs on the leaves. leave the lights on for about 4 days, clean and disinfect thoroughly before harvesting and starting a new crop. hope this helps...:smoke:
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    So it turns out that all of my plants (indoor and outdoor) except the Rhino had mites.

    I finally had time to get my real grow room going today, so I made the first little grow area and put all of my plants inside the room.

    I then used a bug bomb of the chemical Pyrethrin and let the room sit for 2 hours. I aired the room out, took all of the outdoor plants back outside and put my F13 Mother and my clones back in the old room. The F13 will have to stay in there for the time being since I didn't have enough panda paper to do the Veg room.

    I'm going to be posting a detailed thread about the grow house, but here is a picture of the biggest room in it:


    And here is a picture of the flower room from the outside:



    The Rhino is officially flowering starting today. (June 1st)

    May 31 (You can see branch that bent)


    June 1st (First pics of the plant inside Veg room with panda paper properly placed.



    The F13 is in the old closet room with my clones vegging. I'm planning on building the Veg room on Thursday in the actual grow house. It looks pretty good for the spider mite attack I just had to deal with.

    May 31


    June 1st


    I could not be more excited for this Rhino to start flowering. :hello:
  20. Updates:

    A couple of clones definitely did not survive the mites. I planted the ones that look like they could have made it, but I'm fairly certain their growth was stunted. I think I am going to kill all of them and take another one or two from the F13 mother and then take 3 from my outdoor Blueberry Pot Of Gold. Here are pics of the F13 mother in the new grow room.

    June 5th


    June 8th


    My plan is to start flowering the F13 in another week after the roots have gotten a good hold in the new pot. I've heard the genetics on the plant aren't stable so it's not a good candidate for a mother.

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