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    Me and my girlfriend are first-time-growers. We planted the seed in Presidents choice black earth soil, in a cut water bottle. The plant is now about a month and a half old. It has been at a window that faces south, with good air ventilation (windows, room fan). The plant is usually watered in the morning at 6-7 o'clock AM before sunrise, and at night. It was re-potted once successfully from the bottle to a larger pot- luckily it continued to grow beautifully. Also there appears to be some sort of "weed" growing next to it.

    Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated, after all, we are amateurs. :p Also we are concerned about our next steps as to this "weed". We would like to re-pot the plant again (seeing as how the stem is quite small/weak near the base of the plant) so it's stem will be deeper in soil for more support.
    Should we move outdoors or stay indoors in the same location?
    Should we even re-pot? And if we do, should we remove this "weed" or leave it seeing as how it could cause potential danger to nutrient absorption?

  2. personally i would transplant to a bigger pot! The ground would be the best though, in a whole dug out with a nice red bag of Fox Farm soil. Or, a 10 gallon pot would be nice...and keep it outdoors, hopefully you can face it south. and outdoors is way better if possible, its alot of fun hanging out with your plant on a nice day...
    get some ferts, my fav is the Fox Farm Grow Big for vegetative...its all natural and organic, its pretty hard to burn you plants with it. Start with a little bit every other watering, until the plant starts to get bigger and you have assumed its used all the nutrients that the soil came with. You can start giving it a teaspoon for every gallon of water, though a plant like that will maybe never need more then 3/4 gallon of water at a time. Only water every 2-4 days, just stick your finger in the soil, if its dry, give it water! Of course take into consideration for hot days/rain whatever. The plant will do all the work after that, all you gotta do is give it sunlight, water, and some nutrients!
    Then pick up the Fox Farm Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom, for when it starts to flower later on, so you can give it more phosphorus rather than nitrogen.
    soooooooo yea, theres MY take on growing some pot, this is my second year so I am still learning as well. this time i have 5 plants, not 1, so its a little different.
    check out my grow journal if you want!
    hope this helps!

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