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Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by zeig, May 7, 2011.

  1. Hello all, just startin up! Ive collected some seeds lately and i poped one in a plant jar and it sprouted so it got me excited to grow. my friend and i researched some PC grows, which i plan on doin.

    Now i just have a few questions that are specific to my situation..

    1) ive read alot on glow lights (i dont quite understand the meaning in light heat in kelvin and all that BUT) over all i figured id just ask from ppl which kind are best?

    I was thinkin about putting my grow in the attic and during the summer it probably gets around 100 deg F on a really hot day so...
    2)will that much heat hinder my grow if i have proper venting with fans?

    3)I was thinking of doing a hydro so i dont have to water it often and i can automate alot of my grow, will the heat ruin my chances of a hydro or if i make a cooling system for my water (such as simbling running water throu copper pipe with a heatsink attatched) be enough to keep the water present and my plants cool?

    4) is there a simple way to automate watering for a soil grow if hydro wont work?

    5) Final question, if anyone is really good with PC grows could you throw some tips my way, OR if anyone knows of a good how to for PC grows with lots of details id appreciate it!

    ill read around the threads some more too but any help is appreciated! :smoke:

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