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    I have two PC cases that have been gutted out and transformed into grow boxes :cool: I will have about 100watts of CFL in each case. Each case has two PC fans as exhaust and passive intakes. Since I'm on a bit of a budget, I was wondering if I could just start the plants out on 12/12 2700k lights in order to save money on vegging bulbs (6500k) that would only be used for a week. What do you guys think?
  2. Of course you can.
  3. Yeah. Some people start 12/12 from seed. You don't absolutely need to veg.
    If you ave 100w in each case, I advise you to do 1 plant in each..
  4. Damn. I have the same stuff you have, but haven't started growing yet.

    I feel like I wasted money buying the 6500K bulbs..
  5. Thats sucks bro. I was reading a lot of PC journals and I thought of it. I'm glad i did :cool: What's postponing your grow man?
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    my first time grow and im just starting to build my pc case. heading out to get lights tomorrow. guess i wont buy the 6500k bulbs. thank you :) my question is why not 24/0 veg then switch to 12/12 with the 2700k lights?
  7. ^no reason, do it if you want to veg
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    dont feel bad u made the right choice.

    12/12 from seed i wouldnt do just cuz it seems like a long ass time for a little bit of green.

    luckily for you just veg and lst/top that thing for 2-4 weeks depending on how well u lst/top and such then you will have like 5-8 main colas and lots of bud.

  9. so, 6500k bulbs is a good idea for veg right? then to the 2700k for flower. just cuz im buying bulbs tomorrow :)
  10. It depends on the emission spectra of the bulb. The kelvin rating isn't very good to go on. You can get the emission spectra from the manufacturer but without that, just get whatever's cheapest.
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    I think I'm gonna make this thread my journal :) I went to the hydroponics store today. I was really impressed with the staff and the relationship they build with their customers. I bought the lights, and a big bag of FFOF soil. They also gave me a free gallon of compost tea! :D He told me to keep it oxygenated, so I hooked up an air pump and air stone and set it inside the jug. I don't remember the feeding instructions the man gave me, but I did get a sheet of information it. Could someone on here tell me the feeding instructions for the tea? Hopefully I can get some pictures up tomorrow. I planted 3 seeds under 4x23watts CFL bulbs 2700k. I'm starting flowering from seed. Everything seems to be piecing together perfectly, and I love it! :hello:

  12. I'm just waiting to move in to my new apartment at school.

    I mean.. I COULD start right now in my parents house here at home (stealth), but figure it'll just be a hassle trying to move the grow n whatnot
  13. Yeah that makes since, I wouldn't want to have to move a grow either.

    Anyone know about a good feeding schedule for the compost tea?
  14. At what age of the plants life can I start using this compost tea? And how much should I use?
  15. The tips of the rounded leafs are turning yellow on the sprout. Only one bag seed has sprouted. It is planted in Fox Farm Ocean Forest.

    Also, When should I start using this compost tea that I picked up at the hydro store?

    I have 4 bag seeds from a different batch of mexican brick germinating right now.

    It would be great to get a reply... It's kind of discouraging with no input! Come on guys :)

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