First Grow, Pc Box In Cold Enviroment

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  1. So my PC case is 18 x 17 x 8 inches (18 inches/45cm tall) would this be big enough? would I be able to grow at least one plant at a time succesfully with this? keeping in mind i will have 2 x 65w CFL bulbs
    But possibly the biggest problem is the cold, i was planning on using one intake and and one outtake fan, but i fear this will be too cold (when i'm not at home the room temperature goes down to around 15/16 degrees as i turn the heating off to save on $,), even with the (little) heat the bulbs give off, would one intake and passive outtake be enough ventilation for a healthy plant? i've insulated my pc box to minimize the heat loss, it's my old gaming pc case so it was originally designed to be as cool as possible, once my bulbs arrive in the post and i set it all up i'll take some pictures and put them up.
    My current prediction of the average ambient temp with the bulbs running and one intake fan running will be around 22C/71.6 Fahrenheit, the bulbs will be on for 24/0

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    Yeah, that's plenty of room. If you need to keep it stealth(or not, doesn't matter) you should check out my guide[in my sig].
    you should have a set of white light bulbs and daylight bulbs to be used for vegetation and flowering respectively 
    15/16* might be a little harsh. You'll want to try out a passive intake first and check the temps with a dry run, if it's too warm then you can  try a fan intake. Also, if you're buying your seeds try to find strains that are used to colder temps(black sugar and Alaskan Thunderfuck come to mind ) also most autos handle well in colder temps
    And unless you're growing an autoflower you won't want to run a 24/0. To force it into flowering as fast as you can you can run a 12/12 and she'll flower as soon as she's mature enough. Alternatively you can run 18/6 until she's half as tall as you want her, then switch to 12/12 to force her into flowering.
  3. Yes sorry, i should've stated I intend on growing an autoflower, and yes i'm currently waiting on a set of 6400k 65W CFL bulbs, and if all goes well 2 weeks into the grow i'll buy another set of bulbs for the flowering stage, I'll check out your guide now, thanks for the nice response
  4. Lil update, received some stuff in the post today
    3 x 65W (2 Will be used, 1 as backup)
    Emergency foil

    These 65W bulbs are fucking huge! i saw the measurements and i was like yeah its pretty big but when you actually see these in person it's crazy, aha, really bright too, i'm pleased with them, they emit a bit of heat so my worries about the cold on the plant is almost gone
    Emergency foil, will be using this just to retain a bit more heat in the box so i can have a good intake/outtake running to ensure the plant is getting the wind it needs
    I've also actually got my hands on a box, which i havent measured but its roughly the same height, but its a bit wider, and even though i've already started to prepare this PC box, i think the box would be a bit more suitable but a bit less stealthy, opinions?
  5. Well obviously the box would be better :). Two 65W CFLs is a lot for a PC box. I wouldn't worry about it getting too cold. Do you have to worry about smell? That changes everything if so..

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