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  1. hiyaz fought i'd do a grow journal :D of me first grow so you can all flame me when am doing somthing wrong lol :D and tell me what to do anyway am growing a single Papaya and waiting on a hindu kush seed to germinate hopefully. i use the old paper towel trick for germination and first put my papaya seed inbetween towels on 06/06/06 so opefulyl itll be a beast :rolleyes: lol and when i check couple days later 08/06/06 it ahd germinated potted it on the same day and today 11/06/06 i had a sprout woohoo you can all take a gander as i have taken pics but sorry for quality they wer taken with my fone. cyaz all

    and o ye i know the soils low my bad underestimated the level after i had watered.

    its an indoor grow aswell :D

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  2. Gl with your grow.
  3. thanx bagz and i ordered a 250w hps last night so should come this week hopefully tuesday :D
  4. hey dood.

    good luck with ure first grow. ive got a phew Qs.

    i read uve ordered a 250w hps. thats good, will this be the only lighting? whats your grow space/room like. temps etc will you be using any ventalation, oscillating fan?

    what sort of nutes will you be using, do you have a PH tester?

    alot of things to get sorted out when growing indoors :D

    show i wish you well with your first lady (hopefully).

    ill pull up a seat and try and help along your journey.

    be back for updates
  5. thanx vicarious

    well i have a 15 watt floro which i used to have for lizard i had but it died so its just under that till my hps comes which should hopefully be today
    and my grow room is a cupboard which is height 6,6ft length 2,4ft width 1,8ft and at the moment i have one computer fan at the top built in to the side wall of the cupboard near the top to vent out warm air that rises and pull in some fresh air i was also thinking about getting a another fan to circulate the air in the cupboard. temps at the moment have stayed around 80 n below.

    yes i do have a ph tester but not one of them super electronic gadgets lol i was bit low money so ive just got a ph tester liquid thing.

    and for nute's i have some formulex nutrient solution.
  6. bit off an update with pics :D leaves have formed from last pic its getting on its way :D yay also my hps has not arrivced yet :( but give it time shoudl be soon hopefulyl today :)

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  7. good luck man!11

    wat kinda soil u using
    jus curious
    ill be followin this thread :)
  8. just some peat based soil from B & Q nothing to amazing lol still no sgin of my hps :( just hopin that comes by end of the week now.
  9. do you have more seeds around? to be honest, since you spent the money for an HPS, you really should try to grow atleast 3-4 plants to make sure you get a female. don't want to go through all of that just for a male, you know? :]
  10. i am acctually germinating another papaya and a hindu kush atm hoping they come through an if they dont i do have some more seeds :D
  11. update

    i have jsut germinated another papaya and planted it today :D still waiting on my hindu kush hopefully that will come through soon and if it does i will LST one of my papayas i think for a test :D

    and o ye my hps still not come :( but theres still time.
  12. hi I also started lst on one of my plants . I think it's gonna like it
  13. Kwl dude tell me ow it goes is it ur first time doin lst?
  14. first time growing , first time lst but they are going great check my album or grow for some pics of last week . after one week of bright sun they grew up tremendously
  15. right so great news my hps has been dispatched woohoo here 2moz if fed ex can deliver fast :D
  16. update: hps has finally arrived just need 2 get it hooked up now :D
  17. update: installe dmy hps nice n bright lol its night time n it looks like daytime in my room lol :D plant looks ok and seems to b edoing alright. photo period is 18/6.

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  18. I heard that the Papya is real strong in odor?? I've been told that the fruity smell can be a little strong for a descrete grow. Hope you live away from intruders. I need to get some of the purple strains myself because it's easier to hide what the plant is. Got any ideas on where to get them?. The company I use reliably doesn't have any of the purple strains. ((((At a reasonable price preferably))))
  19. well i fought id update :D so first of all i need an ocilating fan how ever you spell it so will get one soon and my two new little seedling are growing but had a little problem with stretching and teh first one i planted is on to its set of leaves with of 4 fingers or is it 5 lol :D

    ill try and get some pics if anyone wants to see.

    and o yea i heard they wernt meant to smell taht strong o well guess will have to find out later in teh grow :D weed smel :p smells nice in away but can be annoying lol
  20. update my two seedlings died :(

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