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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by smoka_lota_pota, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. one day i was chilling in my backyard and i noticed a small plant in my dirt. i looked closely and i noticed it was a marijuana plant. "dont ask me how it got there, i just dont know" but i desided to grow it. i put it in a small pot and water it every other day.should i water it more. i dont have any grow lamps or anything (im too damn broke) so i kepted it outside. so far its grown some 4-5 inches. i was wondering if one of you out there would help me out with this. ill take any advice anyone gives me.:confused:
  2. The sun is better than any grow light you could buy.

    For watering, just stick your finger down in the soil, and if its dry like 2" in, water it. Make sure you have holes in the bottom of the pot for drainage though.

    Good luck
  3. post some pics
  4. are you sure it's a MJ plant? a lot might look like it but the experts here can tell you
  5. im sure its pot ive seen it before ill get some pics too.


    this is when i first found the m. after i moved it to a pot. (should the pot be bigger so the marijuana could grow?)

    would it be bad if some of the new leafs are a little brown/purp. i mean barely some of the leaves are brown. it looks as it grows the brown goes away. the color is at the bottom of the new leafs.

    ill keep you guys posted with new pictures every week.
  6. dude i higly doubt that is cannabis. first you found it in a back ard and of all the plants ive had at that stage in the picture the leave have never indented at the tips. why do you think its weed anyways
  7. i know it pot, because that was like 3 weeks ago and its grow since then. ill get pics soon. TRUST ME ITS POT, the leafs were broken

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