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    Hey GC:smoking::wave:, i went to go check on my babies today and decided to throww up a few pics

    they were raised on solo cups filled with MG organic and watered w tap water w 1/2 strength superthrive, under 4 40 watt cfls, with a small battery operated fan to give em thick stems,

    im too much of a stoner to remember when they sprouted so ima go out on a limb and say3-5 weeks, i went from a 24/0 light schedule to a 18/6 about a week before the transplant

    i recently transplanted them into the ground outdoors into pro mix pro, w blood and bone meal mixed in take a look and tell me what you think

    ps i know some of the leaves are damaged, it rained like a bastard the last couple days:smoking:

    PPS THE PIPE IN THE PIC IS HUGE! the biggest one i could find at my local headshop


  2. they look good,do you know the strain? good luck on your grow, ill be checkin in on it to see how it goes.
  3. they are planted too close together...

    but good luck with your grow...
  4. i was thinking the same thing, to close together, but still they look healthy ill keep checkin in gl
  5. if the plot works out ill be making it about twice as big so those plants unfortunately will be close, but all i plant now ill be sure to give them alot more space,

    at least by adding more soil and grow space around the plants that are close together, they should have alot more root space, am i correct in assuming this?
  6. either way a few will be males so youll have a little more space sooner or later.

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