First grow!!! Outdoor skywalker organic! Tips please?

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    Okay, so I understand growing cannabis well enough to begin my first attempt. I have been reading the literature and techniques for about 3 years now, so summer is about to start and I figure now is a good time to stop paying for weed....
  2. 2 plants will probably be eze just hope there girls leave the pots alone and what soil are you using cuz if ur smart ull get a higher nitrogen soil like fox farm then u could water feed it untill there old enough to get any feed solutions ive gone all natural so far on the 6 i got going and there hella healthy i dont plan on using any fert 4 a while i just transplantd into more foxfarm 2 days ago.............. I go to my site alot kinda sketchy but the over grow is dense so i gotta move with the sun so i reccomend visiting ur site alot b4 ur grow to see where u get the most continuous light
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    so it has been awhile since i last posted on my outdoor skywalker/bagseed grow. its looking to be a pretty sativah dominant strain with longer fingers and taller, spindly growth. Some of the other plants of bagseed are showing bushing indica properties but odd leaf shapes for how short they are. maybe cuz they are only little adolescent weed plants? anyways, these pics are of the one i have isolated from the others closer to my home. I feel that this isolated area will provide the best, safest environment to thrive, whereas the large plot is a bit harsher in conditions. I will post more pics of the big site once i get the camera.

    My nutrient profile is pretty simple. The soil is 40% clay based, 40% potting/peat, 20% vermiculite, gravel and peat moss for aeration and drainage. I feed 1-2x a week using Miracle Grow Rose bloom forumula thats like...18-25-16 im not to concerned about numbers, i know the Phosporous is suited better for flower but it seems to be a well balanced feeding system when used 1/2 - 3/4 of the recommended concentration in water. Im guessing this will work well when i flower.

    i am planning on reducing the MG feedings and supplement it with molasses and other organics, just to give it a better flavor profile. I want to really to a *mostly* organic flower if possible. Where can i get some good organic nutes suited for bud flowering?

    anyways, the plants are 4.5 weeks old.

    pics updated in a week or less...

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  4. The plant you have in the pic looks healthy. So whatever you are doing is fine. I do have a question about the clay you say is in your soil mix. Generally clay isn't used with mj, because its a tight substance with very little nutrients in it. The roots won't grow as fast as they could with a looser soil. Bigger roots= bigger shoots= bigger buds. I'm not saying it won't work the way you have it, but they might not reach their potential. But maybe the clay you have is different than what I have.
    Anyway your plant looks healthy and well on her way. So good luck and hope everything works out for you.
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  5. so i went to the main site, where there are 6 healthy looking plants growing away. one of them is nearly twice the size as the others. i watered from the stream nearby. its so convenient having waterr 10 feet from the plants...

    any ways that i could get them to increase their growth rate? they seem a bit stunted. any help is gratefully accepted. these plants are extremely stealth and hidden from prying eyes. they are also very close to my property. i couldnt have asked for a better site...


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  6. Hey man... not too many comments! I feel ya.

    Looks good. Skywalker sounds like a bad ass strain. I'll be watching :D

  7. So it has been about 2ish weeks since my last update and pictures. Since then, the plants have really taken off and shot up significantly. They were about 9 inches last time and now the tallest is about 30 inches high. They do have slight insect damage, which i expected. One plant was decimated early on (the indica one) , but is now recovering nicely. While the insect damage is not too significant, I don't want it to get out of control and destroy my crop so my friend is bringing some organic pesticide over later.

    Any advice on pest control? Or should I just let nature take its course? I've heard ivory soap or neem oil work well. Why has no one posted on my grow log?! ha

    Anyways, I am expecting flowering to start rather soon. I was actually expecting it to happen about now, but those estimates are way off I bet. I am guessing like mid-August I will begin to see some pistils shooting out. Hopefully...

    The plants are about 2 months old today. I would have expected them to be much larger by now, but they are starting to really bush out so I'm not too concerned. I almost topped some of them today but held off until I researched it a bit more. I just don't like the idea of cutting my plant and risking infection.

    Pics, let me know what ya think. Im just recovering from an opiate relapse....pray for me and wish me luck in my painkiller recovery it really has me bumming out lately. Blahhhhh. Weed never hurt me like opium has hurt me...I just don't understand how it takes such hold of a person and sends them spiraling down.

    Skywalker is the strong indica plant of the bunch whereas thers are all very Sativa. I have 3 skywalkers and an unknown sativa strain. The miniature looking plant is one of the skywalkers i had indoors but completely failed with so I put it back outside so it is SUPER STUNTED like a dwarf. I don't expect it to get too large so I put it in my garden by my deck. Harvest maybe 1oz off it...

    Hare Krishna Rama

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  8. They look nice and healthy to me. I just started using the organic bug repellent and it seems to be doing the job nicely. Keep up the good work.

    Feel your pain on the other high, did way too many chemicals when I was a kid, lucky to have survived it. I get by just fine on my herb now. The rest of it will kill you, too much herb just makes me sleepy or tired. Good Luck, I'm pulling for ya. So, Toke on' :D
  9. they look fine, i would transplant those from the small buckets to either a 20 gallon + bucket and they will take off, they are more then likely root bound, If you cant get large buckets, dig a 3ft x3ft hole and till the soil in the hole so its airy. Cut the bottom half of the bucket off or the entire bucket and drop it into the hole. I know if you did this that plant will get 4x the size it is now, remmber plants can tripple in size once they start flowering if they have a big enough space for roots, and if you put them in the ground and dont water them for a few days and its hot the roots will dig down to find water and sence you have a stream near by you could hit a water pocket in the ground and not have to water basicaly. But deff get a larger bucket or plant in the ground in a big hole. even if you use cheap soil, roots grow wide and only grow deep to look for water.
    I just want to see you get the most out of your first grow. Top or fimm then once as well as you can increase yeild, same with bending the plant over. :hello:

    other then that your doing good. +rep drop by my grow when you got a chance and you will see what im talking about
  10. nice looking grow.
  11. So i am considering transplanting these babies to larger buckets OR just saying fuck it and digging 3ft holes for em and just doing that. I think im guna just dig a buncha holes. But i have a few ?s about soil.

    I can't really afford to buy anyting right now, so can i just use my soil and mix it with the ground soil and till it for airiness? hmmmmm. I am starting to figure they are pretty rootbound as growth has sorta stalled...i want them to be 7 foot monsters by october and that aint guna happen in those tiny ass pots i have em in.

    More pics tomorrow of the changes i will make. Im guna LST first thing in the morning. For guna smoke sum of my hash oil...knife hitz are tight...
  12. If you're out of cash, then yes make some holes. Or pots if possible will be easier. 1 or 2 feet hole is enough now (not too big).
    Tilling the soil won't air it out per se. You need to add 20-30% orf perlite or lava chips or clay balls or straw/hay (anything with air in it). Branches, roots won't be good enough. Mj needs air more than other plants.
    If you use your local soil, make sure it's not too acidic (humus black) or base (clay isn't good in texture and often base).
    But yes, you can use just reg. soil you find.
    Good luck!
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  13. Sooooo today after band practice I dug the biggest hole I have ever dug and put 4 plants in it. It was about 4 feet by 3 feet and 3 feet deep. Fucking A!!!! That shit took 2 full hours in the hot sun to dig. Hard as hell. BUT the plants were all root bound, so I am glad I got them into the ground sooner rather that later. I used 50% potting soil and 50% natural earth with nice sandy clay mix. Also, I mixed in some grass/reeds for aeration. I really badly fucked up one of the baby Skywalkers root system cuz it was super hard to get outa the pot so i basically destroyed it. All the others slid out of the pots without a hitch. I really hope it recovers from the trauma, the main taproot system was left undamaged so that should give it enough footing. But yea they are going to really like their new home I'm thinkin. And once they adjust to the move I am guessing they will explode!

    Bad news mom just told me that we don't have enough money left to send me to back to college in the fall. now I need to basically revamp my entire life goals to meet this new scenario. It really blows hardcore. I love doing art, and I will miss art school. I duno what Im guna do...

    Peace OUT!

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    They look really nice man. Sorry to hear about the bad news for College. Can't you get a loan or scholarship in a public college that's not too expensive?
    Band practise? What instrument do you play? I play the guitar (blues/rock).
    Back to your grow. 4 plants in a big hole is fine, they'll have plenty of room. That's good that you added reeds and grass to air it out: important move there!
    For the damaged transplant, weed is really tough and as long as you watered it nicely and didn't cut the tap root too much, it'll be fine I'm pretty sure and will pick up. I always moisten lightly the pots I'll transplant. One important point to avoid root damage is I use a stick or screw driver to scrape the bottom of the pots (the pots are upside down at that point and I'm holding the main stam in between my fingers) through the pot's drainage holes so when I de pot the plants the roots don't stick to the bottom (which they inevitably do esp. when they're root bound). But I think you're doing fine. I hope you get a nice harvest man. Don't forget to add a nice layer of mulch (3-4 ") to keep water longer among other benefits. They're nice and bushy: but watch them explode now!
  15. Great work Bro- Sorry to hear bout the funds. Something will work out. Keep your heart & mind positive,stay out of trouble with the law. And things should eventually pan out. Life is a lot like your first grow. And your second grow. And your third grow. Well you get the point. Its what YOU make of it. Peace Bro,take care HB
  16. You need to sell some...

    HUSH my mouth, don´t dare say that here !!!!
  17. Bad news mom just told me that we don't have enough money left to send me to back to college in the fall. now I need to basically revamp my entire life goals to meet this new scenario. It really blows hardcore. I love doing art, and I will miss art school. I duno what Im guna do...

    Its called Financial Marijuana Aid.:D Looks like you have your aid in progress.

    Keep it up, brother.

    Today is funny. Last night I went to see Harry Potter 6 (my mom bought the tix...i KNOW!!!!). SO they get there at like 10pm...IM like...thats ridiculous I am not guna sit there for 2 more hours than I need to lol. ON the way there I chief a bowl of some kind and I took the back route and got all fucked up wityh my internal compass. I ended up driving in a huge circle right back to my house. Im driving down this country road and Im like...where the fuck am i...BAM Im right back in my town. The movie was actualyl decent but I ended up sleeping till 1 today. Ha.

    On to more important things. I checked the grow on this lovely day and the plants are all looking healthy still. The damaged one is a bit droopy...but I expect that to change. Considering this is that plant's FOURTH transplant (and final) I am not too worried about it being too slow in recovering.

    This whole growing experience has taught me a crapload about growing, but also about patience and life and not fucking with something that isn't in need of a fixing! Just let them be they will do the work! Its funny how people learn things...

    @Cantharsis and GreenFirst

    Basically I am growing this pot to obviously have some free smoke for the upcoming year. On top of that I cannot get a job for the life of me in my area. I have applied to 40+ places this summer. I know cuz I made a list the other day. Fuck this bullshit economy crap. I decided I am not guna wait around for fools to throw me a bone with an 8.00/hr job. Minimum wage in my parts is 8. Fuck that. Plus I need to pay off 2000 dollars in court costs by November. So thats where i decided to take it into my own hands. Ive estimated that if my final crop is 2 pounds, it will be worth nearly 10,000 USD. 2 Pounds at the end of the summer with a little labor here and there? I THINK SO! :wave:

    @ Cantharsis

    How the fuck do you get such monster sexy babes? I can't even believe my eyes when I see them.

    Im going to start LSTing the babies in a few days as soon as they start to show new growth.

    Thanks all for commenting Ill be back soon. Time for some White Tea and a joint to pep me up.
  19. Plants are looking good man!

    The only suggestion I can give you is to watch out for problems that might be caused by nutes, miracle gro isn't the most mj friendly fertilizer - set aside like $100 for materials for next years grow if you can and get some nutes that are dialed in perfect for the plant. Regardless, things are looking great. Only 2 or 3 more weeks until they start flowering!

    -The Budmaster
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    Plants are lookin great bru, I hope you get even more then two pounds by harvest time. My personal goal is one pound, and thanks to the advice from you and all the others I might just make it. Good luck with the LST.

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