First Grow. Outdoor. Semi-guerilla. 5 seeds Tardis Strain.

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    So I have germinated 5 seeds of Tardis from Natural Wonders in Oregon. They are in seedling stage at about 2-3 inches tall and are just growing there first true leaves. I think these are the two serrated leaves that come in right after the cotyledons open, correct me if I am wrong on that. I have marijuana horticulture growers bible so I don't have many questions on the major steps but more on the details. I made this thread because I wanted to share my plan and maybe get some feedback on what I should do or if I am doing anything wrong. I am completely open to changing anything and no plans are completely set. I live in Portland, Oregon. Oregon is a temperate rainforest with cold/mild rainy winters and springs and a dry hot season lasting from late may-september planting zone 8b. The native soil is pretty good, with a ph of around 6 and adequate phosphorus but less than adequate nitrogen and potash. I plan on growing them in solo cups on my patio in full sunlight until they are big enough to transfer, then plant them directly in the ground on a sunny hillside in the forest. I pre-dug one hole about 2 ft by 2ft and the soil is pretty consistent throughout. I bought two bales of Kellogs Raised bed potting mix and 1.5 cu ft of Kelloggs amend and I mixed those with the native soil in a trashcan. I plan on letting that sit in case its too hot until I plant. I own the property and it is pretty far from any roads with only my access road so I doubt we will have unwanted guests. I am also only growing the legal limit so police should not be a issue.
    5 seedlings Tardis strain in solo cups
    Medium is organic seedling mix
    Plan on planting them in forest in the ground
    Soil for transplant: Kellog raised bed and potting mix, Kellogs Amend, and native soil. ratio: 1-.3-.2

    So my questions are this. I placed the plants outside two days ago when it was sunny with a greenhouse top on them. Then the temperature dropped that night and it has been raining for 2 days now. The sun will return tomorrow but will my plants survive on the patio under cover until then? The temperature is about 50 degrees F with lows in 40's. I am afraid that at this point moving them into warmth will shock them just as much as leaving them outside. Do I need the seedling greenhouse top on them? I read that some people say the greenhouse top is too much humidity and some people say it is required. Also what are your inputs on my overall plan. Thanks for any responses!
  2. My tallest seedling and the soil I bought as a test for one of the final transfers.

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