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  1. Just transplanted 4 of many babies to their grow site.
    I'm using Organic top soil with perite 4:1.
    I put the leaves on top because I hear it is good to hold in mositure, yet again I hear that cannabis wants to air out in between dryings. Should I keep the small amount of leaves I have around them?

    Also, I used miracle grow fertilizer, the package said use 1 packet for every gallon of water, I mixed about a third of the packet into 2 gallons of water, and ended up only using about 1 and a half gallons watering 4 plants. You think that will be okay as far as nute burn goes?

    These things get easily 8 hours of direct sun a day, and they are about a 5 weeks old, I had them growing in my sun porch untill now.

    I topped one of them after the second node, 2 of them after the third node, and 1 of them after the 4th node.
    One of them was done alot earlier than the rest, you can tell that on the picture.
    Overall tell me what you think.

    Were going back in a week to put fishing line around it to keep critters out, You have to walk through thorns, knee deep water to get to this location so I'm thinking we can hold off untill then.

    What do you guys think about them, nute burn, leaves, animals and bugs for a week, and anything else you can think about. Thanks a lot!

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  2. bump. anyone?
  3. Well they look healthy...

    I'd say depending on which way the sun rises/sets they may shade each other out a little or atleast one plant shade out the lower branches on another plant vice versa.

    Sounds like your going weak enough on the MG (even though its not ideal)...whats the NKP rating on the MG?

    The leaves are fine as a nice mulch to help make them look more natural by hiding freshly turned dirt. MJ likes the soil airy and most strains don't like having their roots constantly in water (we're talking soil not hydro...bBG difference).

    IDK if thats your girl or what but red/pink stands out wayyyy too much...go with brown, dark green or tan clothing to blend better...BUT dont wear camo...Camo screams out to people that your trying to be sneaky.

    When you go to the plot piss as much as possible around the area and bring a bar of soap and a knife to spread soap shavings around the area...the smell will help keep deer and other animals away...I did fishing line last year and it worked wonders...just hang twigs randomly from the line so the deer can see that and know something is there that they cant jump or else you will have them barreling through your lines.

    Good luck, stay safe and grow on!
  4. also try moth balls deer cant stand the smell of also consider for next year using a fox farm soil...they already have nutes in the soil so u dont have to give them as much and try makin a decent cage... i used green fence post with thin metal fencing that u can bend around the plant and i put and extra chicken wire around to make sure it was nice nd sturdy...they look nice and healthy but make sure u keep checking the sunlight every for to five hrs because the sun gives off diffferent kind of rays from the spectrum at different times of the day...most importantly u would want the afternoon sunlight because it gives off the most powerful rays
  5. I just bought moth balls, a bar of soap, and fishing line, going to the site in a bit. Will the moth bugs keep other insects away from my plants too? I'm hoping that the combination of the 3 things will just completely repel everything that could be a threat.

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