First Grow - Outdoor Juicy Fruit Autos

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by WilliamNewbridge, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. Hi All,

    First thread here after signing up. Figured why not since I have gathered so much from the forum with this grow.

    Anyhow I have a few Juicy Fruit Autos from Sonoma Seeds that are 3 weeks from going into Promix with some added nutrients and perlite.

    I am not really doing anything further other than watering with tap water, but I have top dressed the soil with some more nutrients and I plan on switching to a flowering blend shortly.

    I am also considering using Green Planet Massive Bloom once flowering begins but keeping things simple and not over feeding water or nutes has worked well so far.

    Anyhow here is a photo from yesterday...

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  2. Welcome to the boards...and to growing MJ! :passing-joint:

    She is looking healthy...way to go! I commend you for doing your first grow and being "realistic" with it. Most first timers want their first grow to produce they want to know ALLLL of the "best" nutes.....and then they tend to way overdue it and end up nute burning or killing their plants. So good for you for not falling into that easy to do mindframe.

    Only thing I would personally recommend is tying her down....her stalk still looks "flimsy enough" to pull it down to the side and tying her off....
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  3. Thanks!

    I am always reading and researching and I knew very early that the mistakes were mostly overdoing things and not sticking to basics. Seems to be a trend...

    I have been looking into some training methods and have given it some thought but then again I come back to the same train of thought as with nutrients... Keep it simple... And so I have left them natural.

    Now when you suggest tying down are you referring to the branches or main stalk? Would love to hear your thoughts, but I am just scared I will stunt them.
  4. @Kronik352 I did a little research and tried your suggestion on a few...

    How do they look?

    Should I out a counter tie on it? Seems rooted strongly enough and yes the stalks were still quite flimsy especially before sun up. ;)

    IMG_20190726_081530.jpg IMG_20190726_081526.jpg IMG_20190726_081536.jpg
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  5. PERFECT looking....according to my eyes. You gained more "rep points" from me by looking that up and then doing what needed to be done!!! I don't wanna get your hopes up.......but I have a pretty good feeling, based on the couple of posts I have seen from you, that your plants have a really good chance of making it to....and through...harvest.

    Feel free to ask us anymore questions you might have.....we are more than happy to help...ESPECIALLY when you are willing to help yourself!
  6. Thanks!

    With the wealth of knowledge out there easily accessible over the internet why wouldn't I do some research with so much time and money invested?

    Seems crazy that so many people do!
  7. I’m gonna watch your juicy fruit.

    I’m organic and considering autos. I bought some GG4 autos that turned out to be photos so I’ve never been automatic.

    I’m interested as I train practically every plant.
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  8. I wonder this exact same thing on some of the posts that pop up on
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  9. Happy to be your test case!

    Any advice/tips just let me know.

    Always happy to get any help I can.

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  10. Sure thing, not too much to say really. They can handle a lot actually. I’ve broken plants in all kinds of places and they all have been fine.

    I use that green garden wire to train mine. Comes in handy for breaks and bending.

    I don’t like to do much work (arthritis everywhere) but want to grow big plants lol I’ve learned training can really help.
  11. I will link to a grow diary if I can get one together. I have all the pics from germination on so I am hoping I can plug them all in retroactively to a grow diary here.

    Anyhow glad to have a follower who can point me in the right direction as things progress.

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  12. Happy to tag along

  13. Been a few days and things seem to be going well. Not much more upward growth these last 24hrs but starting to see buds forming. I have now top dressed the pots with about a 25% dose of some organic bloom fertilizer(Gaia Green) and will give them at least a week before a healthier dose.

    Here progressis the current state of things...

    They are like little Bonsai trees and I am excited to start more LST with a new grow soon, but for now I have decided to just let them go from here. I'll keep them tied down but won't mess with them any further. Just trying to bend some leaves here and there..

    I quarantined the other plant slightly due to some leaf holes and it being slightly behind. I think the combo of the leaf eaters and the bend might have stunted her slightly but still seems strong.
  14. Well it has been awhile and there is good news and bad news...

    The biggest plant of the 5 has taken a turn for the worse and was overwatered. It was the biggest because she was in the biggest pot which I had to use because I only thought I'd get 4 plants or less making it to transplant with the first grow but all 5 seeds made it this far. Problem is that pot didnt Drain well at all. She probably lost alot of her foliage but she seems to be hanging on. Alot of spotted leaves and a few completely dead but still going. Any tips here would help. Will the bud be shit? Thinking I might as well try to keep her going?

    Quick Vid:

    Anyhow the other 4 are doing great and starting to put.on weight. Getting bushy and buds are coming along with a couple already getting quite frosty. I am curious about adding something to help with bud growth and density possibly Massive Bloom but would love some opinions.

    Quick Vid:

    IMG_20190804_192734.jpg IMG_20190804_202030.jpg
  15. Long time no update. Did they survive?
  16. Sorry! Have been busy and haven't had time to put together a whole journal. Was planning on updating and just took some pics today.

    All 5 have survived and despite a scare with one plant being overwatered and almost dieing things have gone well.

    Interestingly enough that half dead plant has battled through and has some great solid buds forming. The lack of foliage on this plant has allowed it to get some awesome light and these buds are looking solid.

    The other 3 here are all doing well with decent buds but you can tell they are a little fluffy at least in a couple of the more mature ones.

    They seem to have taken their own paths and are going to be ready at different times, which brings me to why there is only 4.

    The first to get chopped was a promising plant and had.alot of bud sites but she for whatever reason produced really airy buds that were very stretched out. I am not even sure I will keep any of it or if it will go with the trim for edibles but it is drying now. Figure it's a good test run for the drying and curing process for me and I can see what happens from there. Of course there is also the legal limit of 4 plants here so now that they stank so badly it's nice to be good there.

    Anyhow here are the 4 ladies... Starting to watch those trichomes and I'm excited!

    This is the main cola on the half dead girl(last pic below)...

    IMG_20190825_180126.jpg IMG_20190825_180151.jpg IMG_20190825_175449.jpg IMG_20190825_175443.jpg
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  17. I'm learning a lot from your grow. I'm trying autos next Spring and I'm gathering all the info I can ahead of time. Your girls aren't looking too shabby, glad the one made a comeback for you. :)
  18. Lessons so far...

    Drainage in pots sucks! Make more holes! Be careful watering, and be mindful of rain when growing outdoors.

    Making a temp covering for your plants is the best way to control rain and have some peace of mind. Build a simple tent to put them under at night or if rain is on the way.

    LST early and spread them out to get a widespread growth and multiple colas. Don't wait too late. Too much stress does stunt them slightly and biggest best plants were the two that were not bent too aggressively.

    Defoliation early on might be a good experiment. The half dead plant has the tightest buds however yield is likely smaller but the plant was almost dead. I think some defoliation across a few weeks from late veg to early flower would work well on a bushy plant like this. Probably outdoor or indoor.

    Of course I will update with anything further but time for dinner! ;)
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  19. I've seen a few outdoor auto threads, most end up with nute burn. I'm wondering, since this will be my first auto grow, if I should only water throughout. Any thoughts on that? Have you ever tried it like that?

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