First Grow One plant! Questions? *Pics*

Discussion in 'Outdoor Grow Journals' started by wxchiga, Sep 26, 2008.

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    Man, they look great! I never realized that the shape of the leaves are so pretty and they looked like some kinda artwork created by the gods... they are the prettiest bush plant in the world! damn, I'd rather bite on those stems...

    Hey 5th floor dude, your signture pic is tripping, the guy is dancing, tripping and shit, and there were no body to drive the damn car, wa ha ha ha...

    sorry, I guess I'm high... gonna get back to the sash, I got my girl friend Mary Jean waiting.
  2. ghost ride da whip
  3. dam that's a sick ass plant
  4. The plant looks great. How secure is it growing on your balcony?

    I noticed nothing but perlite in your pot...are you growing hempy bucket style?

    Scotts Peters and MG all recommed one tablespoon per gallon o water for their fertilizers.
  5. plant lookin like the bomb dude hope you keep growing
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  7. haha i read this and im so high im like
    haha i bet these people are all high
    hahah shit funny man
  8. Mine calls for 1 tsp per gallon for frequent feedings
  9. thats a healthy lookin girl:hello:
  10. there looks to be a little lack of light because i see a droop in the leaves
    might wanna throw some cfls in ther along with wuttever u got
  11. nevermind lol i just noticed u said its on ur balcony bahaha im too blowed to answer these questions
  12. Yeah homie...that shit looks pretty bomb! Its ganna be fire! Do you know what kind she is?
  13. Healthy, nice visual. Remember what got it this far and repeat as needed to it's Clone ;-) :D:rolleyes::smoking:
  14. Wow... really lol

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