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  1. Hello, normally I have family helping me with my growing, I am adventuring out on my own now so I thought a journal of the event would be fun. I am starting out with four stains-(nice dreams, agent orange, bubba's dream,ak-47). I have a mix of three-four week old clones, non of which are the b.d. I started 12-12 3/9/13. I'm running in pro-mix hp soil, with general organics nutes. As of now i have a 400w HPS with a bat wing hood. Bare with me, I'm starting off with overflow from friends and family.
  2. Ill be watching. do u have any pics?
  3. I will soon.
  4. I'm interested in seeing your clones :). Will be watching!
  5. Oh that reminds me. I got a aero garden for new clones. I bought it at a great disscount rtr. Im going to use rock wool in the standard baskets with clones from the b.d.
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  7. Nice plants! You should turn your photos around tho, so we can see them easier :)
  8. Awesome, got up to make sure shit was up and running today, and I walk in to find almost all my plants have a nitrogen diff. Im just going to boost my nutes during the next feed. Oh i finally got my ph meter running. My run-off is 6.5. will be dropped tomorrow during watering time.
  9. I'm on my like third day or so of flowering and I'm thinking about switching to scrog or w.e you want to call it. Any one have a link to show how to do one plant in scrog.

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