First grow NYC diesel auto flower outdoor

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  1. Hey everyone,

    This is my first grow and I need some feedback.

    I grew NYC diesel auto flowers outdoor and it was my first grow, things went well according to plan. I am in the final stages of my grow. My roots started growing out of the ground towards they end but I've read that's not a really bad thing. Also I was worried about bud rot and read a few things about leaves turning purple (not sure if it's the strain) so I removed a few fan leaves, yellow leaves, and leaves that were being eaten by bugs from my plant. I noticed the next day the trichomes turning darker and more compact.

    The problem I'm having now is when to harvest.

    At the Kola there seems to be about 70% amber but lower on the plant I would say about 30% are amber and the rest white. I want to maximize my yield as well as have good quality, I want to harvest at the right time.

    I will post some pictures and let me know what and when I should harvest.

    Any feedback/criticism/questions are well respected.

    P.S this grow was with all organic soil and nutrients.

  2. pics

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  3. Another week maybe two. Purple is normal for temperature and strain. Get a jewelers loupe. Harvest when the Trichomes are milky/cloudy or are 30% amber. It's a matter of taste. Happy !Harvesting fullsizeoutput_36a2.jpeg
  4. Ty!

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