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  1. Hello, I'm gettin ready to start my very first :hello:grow! I picked up a little cabinet stealth box, it was set up for a little drip system from a 5 gallon rubbermaid with 6 little I think 1 3/4 or 2 inch net cups...I'm converting it to a bubbleponic...just changing a few things around...I'm wondering what kind of nutes I should get...I'm trying to get some AK 47 clones...I figured I would just bud them right away? my little box has 2 (20-21inch) T5 bulbs...I plan to get a ph meter also...I have a couple of grow stores around...what are the easiest/most effective nutes and ph up and down for a newbie? I'm workin on some pics guys...Thanks.
  2. whattup...
    IMHumbleO, just stick with the 3 part General Hydroponics (GH) series or the floranova by general hydroponics....

    I havn't tried the floranova 2 part product cuz I am using up my 3 part that I bought...the only way I'll try when it comes to improving or replacing the 3 part series with"better" is with something else made by GH ( the 2 part is a bit more expensive but simpler w/ no mixing like the 3 part formula)

    I say "just" stick with GH, because there are so many products out there, but from what I've seen GH sets the standard with it's 3 part series...not too expensive, but anything that's a lot more expensive than the 3 part GH is probably a rip off anyway....
    my 2cents
  3. Thanks I'll have to look for those for sure! I haven't heard back from the dude I emailed last night about some AK 47 clones...I figure that's the best route for what's a available to me...oh ya...since I have a stealth box and intend to veg for 1-3 days I I need just a flowering nute or is the GH a general veg/flower nute? thanks again.
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    Well this is what I'm working with right now.I think I'm going to get another 5 gallon and switch the lids so I can go bubble ponic...I also think I might take out that cut-to-fit white lid the black bucket is sitting on so my plants have the potential to get bigger...I figure this is the best idea so I could eliminate the bottom resevoir to have more space and bubbleponic might be better????

    Thanks everybody.
  5. Yeah, the GH 3 part is a formula that comes with 3 different mix up the solution based on what stage the plants are in...for example, if your plants are in veg, then you use more of the "gro" nutrients in your mix..if you are flowering, you use more of the "bloom"'s easy just follow the directions...if you get the 3 part series, get all three, and read and follow the directions (1/2 strength to start and then go from there)....
    the flora nova series by GH is a more advanced feed tha you don't have to ready made formula for veg and one for mixing, balancing different nutes, etc....simpler and perhaps "better" but more expensive....u get what u pay 4 eh?

    good luck and READ READ READ this forum and talk to other growers like you are doing'll be fine!

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