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  1. my plant was half dead from the heat two days ago, now it looks pretty good. i'm not sure what kind it is, but it's pretty tall with most of the leaves resembling sativa. a couple on the bottom are fat like indica, so probably a hybrid, like everything here in socal. anyway, i randomly found it growing in my back yard, some unknown visitor must have stuck it in one of my flower pots. i've since cared for it and repotted it. i think it was planted in april...i noticed it in may, i think??? anyway, she's outside, about 17" tall. not many branches, but it looks like a few new ones are growing where i trimmed her a couple months ago. it seems like she's been growing forever, but her leaves are, at most, the length of a finger. any thoughts on when she will flower? is it totally dependent on the light? it will be a couple more months until the natural light is 12/12, is she going to be a monster by then? or is she stunted? i just expected fuller with longer (or fatter) leaves, and definitely more branches.

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  2. yea unless its an autoflower, the light needs to be 12/12 for flower.

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