First Grow Not as Low Budget

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by gore247, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Well I'm reposting because I fell into a little bit of money. I've got about 425$ to spend,

    and I would like some advice on how to best use that money. The space I've got is about

    a 5' x 5' closet at least 8' tall, has a shelf on either side pretty high up, shouldnt interfere

    with growth too much. I took some pictures on my phone to show you guys what it

    looks like. (disregard the crap on the shelves, which i will be taking out as soon as i'm not

    lazy =D)

    Top Portion:


    Bottom Portion:


    I've got 11 germinated seeds planted and have been for about a day. My main concern

    was that with 425$ dollars, would it be more efficient to go all out on say 3 plants or so,

    and section off the closet into a couple rooms for veg/flowering, or keep 6 plants going

    and use the whole room? Also not sure if CFL's are my only option due to budget. I still

    have alot left to buy other than the lighting system too. Any help would be appreciated


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