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  1. I havent taken as many pics as I should have but I'll show you what I got.

    This has been a HUGE learning experince so far and im only 2 weeks in. I have 4 more seeds so if this one fails Im ok. Just alot of time wasted

    Grow is Feminzied Northern Lights
    - PC Grow
    - 4x 5000K CFL bulbs (should i get 6500K or is 5000K enough?)
    - FFOF with 25% perlite mixed
    - Currently running 24/0 light schedule because my exhaust fan failed and it got 106 degreess in there one night. I now have my case open with the lights on 24/0

    Watering using bottled spring water at room temperature. PH of water is 7.8

    Runoff of the water as of today was 7.2

    Currently the plant looks like this. Unfortantly I dont know what day it is. I think around week 2

    Here is a burn on the bottom leaf. Its hard to see cause its out of focus, but this happened when it got 106 degrees in there.. It stalled out for a good 3-4 days before it recoverd and started growing again

    Im anxious to see what you guys think. Please take it easy on me. Im a big noob and I work 12 hour rotating shift work, So i cant devote more than 15 mins a day on this little guy.. Starting next week I'll be able to take care of it more and get my pc case hopefully to normal working conditions.

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  2. its lookin good, maybe not quite two weeks, id say it looks about two weeks from germination not from breaking ground,

    your lights are in a good range for vegging. what is the total wattage? im usin about 180W for 1 plant

    if you are not planning on using nutes just the bottled water i would get some PH down, you are watering it with too high a PH to start with, if you are planning on using nutes then dont worry bout PH until you get them, my nutes (botanicare) bring my water down from 8 to 5.5ish then i use a lil PH up, also with bottled water you are likely to run into a calcium defficiency fairly soon, in which case you will need a cal-mag supplement, if you dont wanna buy cal-mag use tap water, i just let it sit uncovered for 24hrs so all the treatment chemicals like chlorine evaporate off, 15 mins a day is all she will need until she is older and then after that it really depends on whether or not you are goin to train/supercrop her.
  3. DyeNasty, thanks for the input. You're right, 2 weeks from germination sounds about right!

    I plan on using some sort of nutes, I dont have any yet, but I will get some eventually.

    I can easily switch to tap water is that will help me PH.

    my PH meter is a really cheap one i got on amazon. The directions say to calibrate it which i did not. It shows it was calibrated from the manufacturor about 6 months ago. But i should probably buy some calibration solution just to make sure.

    Im using (4) 18 watt bulbs. The first few days I only used (3). These are bulbs I actually had laying around so decided not to buy any. If you think i should buy higher wattage bulbs I will. I really just havnt had the time to go out and get supplies. (been working 7/12s the past 2 weeks)

    I get my first day off tuesday so I plan to put a couple hours of work into my plant that day so if you folks think of anything i should buy I'll definetly run to my hydro shop.

    THANKS!!!! BTW ill keep pics updated as much as i can.
  4. i would def not even worry bout using that meter till its calibrated,(my plant had unchecked un-regulated water until week 5) and the big thing about using tap water is the micronutrients in it like calcium and other heavy metals, even brita tap water doesnt have them, PH of tap water will vary depending on your city's water treatment system, 72 watts is a lil low, maybe add a 42W of a lower spectrum, i find it helped with more areas of growth to have multiple spectrums,

    as for nutes, dont just go buy MG tomato food or anything like that(i did, it did what i needed at the time, but the ratios are all wrong, waste of $20), see what your hydro shop has, but fox farm or botanicare seem to be the lineups people are raving about the most,

    i would get some kind of fan to blow air across her to help strengthen the stem though,

    24/0 works just fine for veg, i put mine on 18/6 for only a week before flowering to ease the transition, kinda like an artificial "fall".

    its all looks good man, as long as it works for you, i belive there is no right or wrong way to grow weed, just bare minimum requirements and a bunch of different methods that will give different results, the key is to find what works for you and gives you the results you want, if you check my thread you can see how mine is a bunch of experiments, and some of what i have done is purely experimental, for instance i start my seeds under a blacklight an incandescent and a 23W CFL, i believe the "useless" non visible UV and IR(Heat from the incandescent) penetrate the soil better and help the plant "find" its way to the surface.

    i will follow to see how you decide to do things :D best of luck *puff*puff*>>>pass*
  5. Thanks again.. Updates in the near future :smoking:
  6. Transferred her over to a bigger pot. I also replaced the 18w bulks with 23 watt blubs.. But im only using 3 right now due to temperature issures.. Working on that now..

    I think im going to have a problem with drainage though. I put a whole bottle of water into the new pot and not a drop came out the bottom. Maybe it just absorbed it really well. I only mixed in about 10% perlite to my FFOF

    The PH in the water im using is pretty high. Need to figure out how to deal with that too.

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  7. i have read that you can use a few drops of vinegar to bring down the PH, but i would look into that more before trying it, to be for sure

    like i said before when you start using nutes you will prolly need ph up so its not really worth buying ph down for only three weeks
  8. Gotcha.. Is it normal I didnt get any runoff water with 1 bottle of water? Should i water it to a point where I can get run off water? OR is it a soil issue and needs more perlite?

    sorry for all the questions eeek
  9. nice so far there is a similar grow going on here to she's just a lil bit older then yours links is in the sig subd
  10. well the MG mix i used had about 10% perlite, i never added any, and i just kept watering until i had run off... its nice cause my pot is the self watering type, so all my run off keeps the soil saturated for days. i watered with regular un ph balanced water every other watering through veg, now that im in flower im doing it every third,

    i would pick her up when shes dry, feel the weight, then saturate the soil until you have run off, then you check when you need to water by feeling the weight to see when its lighter again... it works fine for me, harder to under water i think
  11. Just a quick pic of what she looks like today...

    wondering if i should LST? hmm

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  12. Go for it, you could potentially get 3 oz with LST and topping
  13. How do you recommend LST? Just tie it to about a 45 degree angle to start?
  14. if its not an auto flowering you can bend it to 90 if you want, do some research on, there are quite a few techniques, i have mixed LST with bonsai and supercropping, and topping... youll have to figure out what works for you
  15. No it's not an auto flower. I'll do some research on it tomorrow. Thanks again
  16. ya, then it should be fairly resistant to herming, no problem man,
  17. Just a little photo update. Havent really been giving her any special treatment. Just letting her grow.

    I did feed 1/4 Nutes with the watering today. PH is 6.9 so not too bad. Well see what happens after the nutes.

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  18. Looking very healthy, nice job.
  19. Not sure what day it is since I didnt keep track but were gonna guess

    Day 18

    Shes getting so big now. I did notice the edges of the leaves are curling up a little bit.. Everything look healthy to you?

    Ive decided against doing any LST or anything. My first grow im just gonna let it do its own thing.

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  20. Day 28

    Well got about a week left to veg and this plant is just growing like crazy. Im worried I may need to start flowering soon as I dont want to run out of room. If it does infact double in size Im sure I will run out of room.

    But heres a few pics

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