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  1. hey all. I've been doing much research lately hoping my first grow will be a success, but I still need some help. I bought some white widow seeds from amsterdam marijuana seeds like a month ago, and thinking they'd be here by now, i began constructing my first of two boxes. Unfortuneately the seeds haven't come yet, and I think I may have been ripped off. Today I purchased some MP5K seeds and some magic bud seeds from Dr. Chronic, and hope that they should be here within then next couple weeks. Anyway, like i said I began constructing one of my two boxes already, and I have some questions. I was planning in growing the seeds in a rubbermaid box with flos for a while, and then moving them to a bigger box with a 400w HPS light. my first question is how long should they be in the rubbermaid box before i move them into the bigger box, and should the flos be on 24/7 the whole time they're in that box? my next question is is two 20w flos gonna be enoguh for the rubbermaid, or should I invest in some more? I'll have more questions later im sure, but for now before the seeds get here I want to make sure the growing envoronment in the rubbermaid will be perfect. Thanks for the help.

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  2. how many plants are you going to start in there?.thats enough but i would personally get some cfl's. And when they are in there keep them on for 12/12 for 1-2 weeks after sprouting,then veg. (put them on for 16/8 or 24/0)for about 2weeks then flower (back to 12/12)until ready to harvest.And yes veging them in there is fine but for flowering i would put them in a larger box.
  3. Ya I think it ought to be fine.. Your gonna want those florecents right up on those seedlings.. like 1-2 inches away.. I'd say once they have a node or two I would throw them under the 400, just cause I don't like waiting for florecents, especially those kinda, to grow my plants.. it'll probly be like a week or two of growing in that box.. Keep the lights on 24/7 if you asked me the whole time(after they sprout - darkness for sprouting seeds) Well, I sprout mine in a wet paper towel..
  4. thank you for he respsonses. I ended up putting in two more 20w flos to make sure there is an abundance of light. my plan originally was to keep the plants in this box for a month and a half or so, and then keep them in the 400w hps box for a month and a half till they're ready to harvest. I figure this way i could have a nice harvest every month and a half or so. Do you think that could work?

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  5. oh and also what are clf's? a different type of flourescent light?
  6. WHOA WHOA WHOA okay im not trying to be a dick im really not but dont listen to BAGZ why the hell would he put the lights on 12/12 thats flowering schedule, either put them on 18/6 not 16/8 or just leave the lights on 24 hours, at least for the first couple of weeks, then u should be able to put it under the HPS, make sure its i think 3 feet away from the tips for the HPS i could be wrong go to my link i got some pics of my CFL's gl

    and while under the HPS make sure ur on 18/6 18 on 6 off, THEN when u think ur plant is big and bushy enough, go ahead and put it on 12/12 for anytime from 45-60 days gl keep us posted

  7. what's a good humidity level?
  8. You come in every thread and talk like you know everything there is to grow. Let me ask you something in one thread you said to get 2 27watt cfls when he said hes willing to spend money.You also say your a senior ..then why in your sig does it say your first grow?
  9. Not to stir the pot further, or come to anyone's defense... but, he's right and you were horribly wrong up there.

    If you haven't done plenty of grows, then there are few things upon which you can, legitamately, offer advice. If you don't have a good grasp of what you're talking about, then you should not be the blindman leading other blind men. Bad advice (and over-watering) probably kills more plants than the DEA. Leave the technical support service to the long-timers and vets here, and soon, you'll have enough grows under your belt to really be of service to people starting out.
  10. yeah i think you may have been ripped by the amsterdam mj seeds,, they clearly state they dont ship to the us,,, you should have better luck with your dr. cronic purchase

    people should do extensive research on these seed banks, before dropping big $ on a maybe....:(
  11. good news! i got my white widow seeds today and they are germinating in my closet. I'm so happy my amsterdam seeds came, but I don't think Ill be ordering from them again.
  12. ok hey I got another question. I was out purchasing soil and I finally settled on some that's NPK ratio was .05% .05% .05%. I fingured the low levels of nutrients would probably be the safer bet. I also bought some miracle grow that's 12% 4% and 8%. Would any of you think this is an ok food for my plants in a few weeks?
  13. sorry the NPK ratio of the soil is 5% 5% 5%.

  14. YES to the MG fert. NO to the soil.

    It's best to use soil that has no added nutrients to it. The "extended release" type soils have a habit of imprecise dosing of nutrients; and, often, will burn your plants.
  15. that MG came in a big liquid bottle right? i had the same stuff, and i thought the ratio would be perfect, but it really burned my plants, even when i hardly fed them. i would recommend finding something else.
  16. Yea the only downside about amsterdam mj seeds is it does take a long time to get to you, but thats not necissarily their fault, once its shipped they have no control over it. Oh and im sure they did some little sneaking way to ship ur seeds right?

    GL with your grow, Like everyone says CFL's will get the job done, but if your looking for a big big harvest, then u need to invest in a HPS.
  17. i have a 400w hps but i was only planning on using that for the flowering. I wanna have a veg box so that i can have more frequent harvests. and yeah amsterdam did sneek those seeds to me, they even sent me 12 free ones, (which obviously got me real excited) but i cant get them to germinate! i soaked them all in shot glasses of water for a night, and since then they've been in a damp paper towel in a cd case on a heating pad, and nothings happening. i've germinated seeds before and I feel like it only took them like a day, these have been germinating for like 36 hours already and nothing. any ideas?
  18. Give them a few more days. I had a friend who was complaining because he thought all of his seeds were duds but they just took a couple of days to sprout.

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