First Grow - Need Some Input on new Clones

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    This is my first attempt at growing. I just picked up some clones from a friend, and clearly they have some issues. My newbie guess is potassium deficiency, but since I have no experience, I'm sure I am probably wrong. Also possibly thrips?

    EDIT: My problem, or at least one problem, is indeed thrips. After looking closely I found 3 of the little jerks.

    Strain is Strawberry Diesel. I literally just got these a few hours ago. I have my lighting set to 20/4. It is an LED light at 300W, and it is about 18 inches about them.

    I'll be going to home depot tomorrow to get some nutrients and a pH meter.

    Anyways, I'm just trying to figure out what problems they have, as one leaf has major yellowing on the edge, and overall they just don't have a healthy look; sorry I can't be more descriptive, but that's what my pictures are for ;)

    Thanks! 20170712_231820.jpg 20170712_234603.jpg 20170712_234608.jpg 20170712_234612.jpg

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