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  1. Hi, i'm currently growing 7 durban poison plants they're all healthy, about 10 weeks old and all about 33 inches tall, they have leaves all over the stem and are being grown in pots ive been told that to get the biggest yield i need to "black bag" em apparently i should put a black bin bag over them at say 7 in the evening and take it off at 7 in the morning to force them into flowering and get alot more bud.

    Is any of this true and if yes some tips would be nice and if no then if you know how to get the best yield id love to know. cheers.
  2. Im not so sure about the whole "more yield" thing but I know people do the "garbage bag method" on a single limb 12/12 to induce flowering and tell its sex.
  3. . why dont you let them grow more and bud normally because doing this thing wont give you more yield for sure
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    man i never understand this shit. if your growing indoors then by default you must constantly be involved and control every little aspect of your plants life but if you grow outdoors just leave em be man. you said that your a beginner so clearly a pot plant knows way more about how to grow than you do. just let nature take its course and be patient.
    watch the way the plant grows and learn from it. besides prepairing the soil and feeding my plants a few times a week when needed i dont do jack to em. im thinkin about trying FIM and topping this year but ive been growing succesfully now for a few years and expierience tells me just leave it alone and let it do its thing. the more you mess with it the more can go wrong. good luck.
  5. johnny is completely right. the more a beginner messes with them the more chances they have of fucking things up. on the flip side though only way to learn is messing with them. if you know what your doing these things can also drastically help. putting a black bag over your plants for 12 hours will make your plants flower. you will have to do it the same time everyday, no missed days. if flowerings what you want then do that. if a higher yield is what you want i would let the plants grow bigger and then let the plants flower when nature says to.

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