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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by harissteeter, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. So I started 6 plants awhile back. Maybe 6 weeks ago total. I picked a very discreet location, germinated them, and brought them out there. I know I have to add soil to the current plot. I have 6 plants in 6 different locations, because I feel that if one is discovered, i'd like to fall back on 5 others. I could only snap a pic of this one today because its hot as fuck and i didnt feel like walking.

    This plant is the farthest along and it has gotten to its point pretty much with out my intervention. It's close to two and a half feet tall but my phone camera sucks. It's still in the veg state I figure, and won't be close to flowering for another month or so maybe. My problem is, it looks like bugs are eating some of the blades. What can I do to get rid of this problem, and is it guaranteed to flower on its own? I live near the coast of Virginia , and im pretty sure I might have to add nutes or ferts to make it flower. I'm thinking of just leaving it alone and seeing what happens after I add teh soil. How much do you predict is left?

    This is my first sucessful grow by the way. I pretty much let the sun god have its way with my plants.

    The pics!


  2. i think he's looking excellent

    welcome to the city and may he grow into a 3meter bush :D
  3. Oh man I hope its not a he. I hope to the sun god and everything holy that it turns out to be a female. This one is the farthest along and I really just want it to be a female, even though thats not how it works.
  4. Get your lens out and have a look, should be big enough to sex now.

    Make some organic insecticide for your bug problem. Garlic and soap works well.
  5. I'm going to go out there later tonight and take some close up pics. Maybe you guys can help me figure out the gender since this is really my first grow. I've purchased some decent soil, Scott's potting with no added nutrients, and the soil contains perlite. I might add some vermiculite just to get it going. I'm in the process of germinating 6 more. It's going to be a greeeeeen summer once these flower, thats for sure.

    When will this plant flower? I know shorter days will start the budding hopefully but im worried that in the state I live in it might not naturally flower.
  6. nah man, itll bud for sure, everywhere in the world does so why not there, anyays, yeh lookn good mabe think about tying it down and getting side growth, no bugs are eating it, you'll know when they do (huge cuts out of fan leaves), and thats when it realy matters, but should be old enough to sex hopefully, closeup of the nodes and look for white pistils. o and that is sativa if u didnt know, may take longer to bud, and less potent than indica, they grow really tall too so i'd for sure tie it down.
  7. Some of the blades are eaten away which is what caused concern. I think I found a cheaper solution. The garlic and water thing sounds straight but I think i'll just try clearing the brush around the plant to prevent wildlife from just hopping to my plant. It's a high thought but maybe it'll work. If all else fails I found some organic insect pesticide.

    I found a bag at the local store that said plant fertilizer 10-10-10. Would this be a proper thing to use on it if I wanted to stimulate more growth?
  8. for sure that'll work, but really man you dont have a pest problem, you'll know when u do
  9. There is a thread started by DevilDank on sexing, I put some pics on it to help.
    I am at 38N, my ladies start to flower early August, when they detect the days getting shorter.

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