First grow. Need some guidance

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  1. So, I have started indoor growing this autoflower.
    Everything seems fine, but the leaves on the bottom are turning a yellow-green color. Is this normal? Any guidance on this matter would be appreciated. image2.JPG image2.JPG image2.JPG

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  2. I wouldn't worry about that unless it progresses

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  3. More info would help other diagnose the problem...

    Tip turning yellow can be multiple of different reason. From too much nute to deficiency of some type. Little more detail would let people point you to the right solution.

    Good start would be.
    -what soil or media are you using?
    -how are you feeding the plant and with what?
    -what nute are you using if any?
    -ph reading for feed and ppm?

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  4. - Plant is 10 days old
    - Using fox farms soil with some dolomite lime
    - I have fox farm nutes (3 bottle pack) but was told to use them after two weeks since there's nutes already in the fox farm soil
    - water ph: 6.5
  5. I'd say it's fine. Maybe just got burned a bit in seedling stage in the Ocean forest. Only on one leave tip I would not worry about it.

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