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First Grow, need help

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Vaporman20, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. I just purchased a deep water culture kit from stealth hydroponics. Not real sure how well it's going to work but I wanted something easy for my first grow. My question is about lighting. I really only have about 200 to 300 dollars to spend on lighting. I've heard about the different kinds of setups but I think I may go with cfl's. Can anyone explain to me the lighting cycles and how many lights I will need for a 4 plant setup?
  2. This all depends on how high you want them.

    For lighting if you are going stealth then cfl is a must. That all I use and its working great for me. If you can grow without being caught use a 400w hid.
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    Well I'm growing in a closet which the dimensions are approximately 5 by 3 1/2 ft. I would like to optimize yeild while staying within my budget. Also, will I need to purchase different types of nutrients for each of the phases? I've purchased a bottle of flora bloom from general hydroponics, but I think that it is only for the flowering phase which I found out afterwards. Thanks for the help, I'm really hoping that this setup works out. Generally how much yeild do you get from a cfl grow?

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