First Grow, Need help.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by psrock, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. So i'm finally starting my 1st grow, im using my closet, today i bought 10 seeds. 10 big pots. everything i need for 10 plants, i have already setup my closet, i cleaned it, took everything out, i put chains on ceiling (For lights) i will reflective material on the wall later, now heres my question, i still dont have lights, (i dont know what to get) i also dont want to spend alot of $$$.
  2. ok wat u wanna get is a MetalHalide/HighPressureSodium conversion light, using metal halide till your ready to flowe, your lookin at upwards of $300. 10 plants is alot for your first time dude, really, not being a dick but if your gunna want to figure out how to grow? Grow one to four plants using some cfls and maybe a hps for flowering, your putting the cart before the horse. Ya you can grow 10 plants right now, but two months from now you wont be able to get them to stop fighting for light with each other. Esp in a closet grow, if your trying to hide them from someone, you will have a big problem when they flower because 10 full size plants will stink up your house not just your room. Im not trying to be a dick but 10 plants takes room and ventalation, theyre are alot more things to do than just lets grow! Of course you CAN grow a plant with any light but it will take ALOT of time and may may not be a good yeild (like 4 grams type shitty). So unless your closet is like a walk-in closet, i dont think your gunna wanna grow 10 plants there my dude. Go to wal mart and get two 100w equivalant 6500k daylight CFL's and do one pot one plant and do that for your first time and get one grow under your belte before you start thinkin about 10 haha.
  3. Unless those are femmed seeds, odds say that you will end up with around 5 females. You may want to start them in smaller pots so you can crowd them under the light, put them into 12/12 early just to sex them and toss the males, then transplant the females to bigger pots and continue vegging.

    You can get a 400w MH/HPS kit from htgsupply-dot-com for under $200.

    What are you doing in that closet for ventilation?
  4. Ok, well now that i think about it, my closet will only need 2 plants (im just going to try 2 plants as it my first time) will i need a fan in the closet to?
  5. Help plz..
  6. you should start them in plastic beer cups, i like them cuz they are tall and the roots will grow right out the bottom after poking som hole punch size holes.....

    and if your read alot, 10 wont be a problem to start espaecially if they are seeds, half end up male(just guessing) 5 or 6 ladies would be ok....but before you start growing, pick up a light, T5 are most efficent,but spiral flouro bulb will do(6500k as mentioned) for veg and they are cheap, more light=faster growth ......Then if you plan on doing it again, for flowering do drop a couple hundred on a 400w HPS(2700k).....

    good luck

  7. co signing to that my dude. Try and get as many as you think can fit but once they get to 2ft or more the tend to get bushy and big, pending on strain, but a normal closet about 6Lx2Wx6H, you wont be able to grow much more than 3-4 plants, but you can def do ten until you find out/figure out which are males and which are females and also if you want to breed them which in turn you will need a male, and suggestions with the male, keep it away from the females, or clone the mom and collect pollen from the males and make seeds that way.

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