first grow, need help..

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  1. first grow, this plant is 5 weeks into fowering. 3 cfl lights 300 wats total. its stunted, topped at 4 weeks veg. one stem grew the others did not, this is about 8'' tall. no fan, barely any nutes, not sure if its worth my time? fixable?
    all comments welcome, need to know, already planning next grow, will have fan more lights perhaps a hps bulb. nutes for sure. weed13weeks5.jpg weed13weeks2.jpg weed13weeks8.jpg weed13weeks3.jpg weed13weeks5.jpg weed13weeks2.jpg weed13weeks8.jpg weed13weeks3.jpg weed13weeks1.jpg
  2. well I grew a joint...better than not finishing it...It the has only water so it should taste good ...Plan your work, then work your plan next time...

    good luck


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  3. im hoping my next plants will be bigger and better, i always seem to do things the wrong way first, live and learn i guess, thanks guys..
  4. Live, learn and doing research before you start a project is always a plus. Happy growing.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:
  5. Was this a photo? If so how long did you let her veg before you switched?
  6. My guess...Not long LOL
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  7. Might as well finish her off and get a few bowls worth out of her. I would suggestion first figuring out exactly what kind of budget you have for your start up and then look into what you need. If you're doing it on the cheap, try DIY first always. Hell, I built my own tent, aeroponics cloner and cooling system. It can be done if you're willing to build things lol

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  8. I can see 2 problems with this. 3 bulbs cfl will almost never equal 300W. Thats fake. If anything thats 27 watts each. Lighting is a issue. Also seed, bad genetics lead to a bad grow. Because for you to not have used anything and have no deficencies in growing weed blows my mind. She has nitrogen claw with no nutes. So that soil is hot and small plants dont need much. Finish her. Youve almost made it. You got something, and from now youll only get better. I went from the worst plants to quarter pound beauties

    Dont be discouraged
    You got this. [​IMG]

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  9. Most likely an auto because that was barely out of seedling stage before it started flowering. Most people veg their plants much larger than that because if not its a waste. It will probably be a decent smoke... Not very much of it tho. Go photos next time, good luck buddy :D
  10. thanks guy, i feel like i can do better, i didnt want to let this one die, i have a bond with it lol, definitely upgrading the lighting for my next seedlings, i can see cfl's are not that great for photosynthesis, probably let this plant flower for another week, n harvest my joint from it.
  11. Its ganna need more than a week bud. Probably another 3 or 4.

    Whats the seed? And did you change it to 12 12

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  12. weed13weeks2.jpg
  13. cpl more weeks ya figure? and right now its i have it in 16 on n 8 hrs off, was gonna change to 12-12 but i wanted to ask on here first, have no idea the strain, the buds had some purple, twas indica, and it was super minty, was actually happy to find a cpl seeds in the bag, so i grew one,
  14. Dude. 16-8 will revert it back into veg
    How long have you had it like this? You need 12 12 for veg. Darkness is needes for atleast 12 hours to keep producing flowering hormones.

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  15. mean 18/6 for veg?
  16. Guys I am telling you its a f'in auto. Keep it on the schedule its on you are doing fine
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  17. I mean 12 12 for flower
    Sorry haha, got a lot going on.

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  18. oh i tied the stem down at one point, to let the three lil stems catch up, figured the one main stem was blocking light, after a cpl weeks i figured theres no point, its tiny lol, so i cut the wire n let her grow as she wanted. from what i get from you all is that i should change the lighting to 12-12...
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  19. NO!
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