First Grow, Need help with my grow box

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    I might be jumping the gun with this post because i planted my seed today but i just wanted some advice to help with the grow. I ordered a berry ryder seed from attitude seed bank and used the shot glass method and planted it in coast of Maine soil once the seed stopped floating. My  grow box was very cold, so i put a space heater near the passive intake and it warmed up to a constant 60 degrees f. Its in an outside building with no heat and i also have a heating pad under the pot. Im afraid that the heater is making it dry, if anyone could offer advice on the setup, i cant really put a humidifier in with the plant and money is tight. Thanks in advanced, also ill upload some pictures of my setup for anyone that wants them tomorrow since its late tonight.  :)
    Edit: Forgot to mention its a Rubbermaid setup with two cfls pictures soon. 

  2. You can try some soaked towels inside the grow box, but you need to check them daily and don't let them get moldy/funky.  The towels/cloth provides more surface area for evaporation versus just a bucket of water.
  3. For humidity you can put bowls or pans of water. It'll be slower with the cool temp. Good luck!
  4. I dont know how to upload pictures...
    but i put some wet cloths in and watered her today ill check back if she doesnt sprout 

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