first grow - need help with early sexing

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    hey guys this is my first grow. doing a micro grow with CFLs and these are at about 5 weeks from seed been under 12/12 for 6 days. i've been keeping a keen eye for signs of sex. i think i have identified a female (1st pic) and a male. let me know if these are correct. both plants may still be androgynous LOL


  2. I would keep a close eye on it, but I can't tell from those images just yet. wait and watch for them lady hairs to poke out
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    thanks brah. think i was mistaking those little shoots coming out at the nodes (probably vegetative growth?) for pistils. anyway i'm anxious to see these ladies show their sex  :yummy: hoping for no males / hermies cause they came from bag seeds :p
    i sexed them at 8" and they've legit SHOT UP this week the tallest ones hitting 1 foot so technically 50% growth in 6 days  :metal:
    hope they don't get TOO tall or i'll have to tie them down 
  4. It looks like a female, typically females grow symmetrically like that as opposed to males. When it gets older you'll see the pistils poke out of what might look like seeds. if pollen from a male gets on the plant ittl grow seeds instead of buds. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414362522.977920.jpg

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  5. just to let you know individual above is incorrect. Plants grow symmetrically during vegetative and asymmetrically during flowering. Basic grow bible knowledge. My clones always have hairs on them and they haven't been cut from a flowering plant in almost a year. From seed though it usually takes at least 10 days to 14 to get an accurate idea what you have going on there. However! Watch for them boys closely they will pop up and open as quick as possible

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