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  1. I have 2 plants under 10 23w CFLs. They are in veg stage and the new growth is skinny and small leaves. They look nothing like the bigger lower fan leaves. I have a mix of some organic soil and MG organic soil...was growing great and all of a sudden the new growths started spinning small leaves...I don't know what to do and its making me worried.....please any help would be fine...if pics are needed let me know
  2. I won't be able to help you, but for others to help, I would highly recommend some clear photos for them to view. Most diagnoses are done visually. Hope (and I'm sure it will happen) someone can help you.
  3. These are the plants

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  4. Those big fan leaves at the bottom started out as small leaves too. There is nothing wrong with your plant I'm happy to say. I hope you are preparing for the flower cycle with better lighting than what you're using to veg with. What you've got now works fine for the veg cycle, but if you try to flower with those lights, you'll be sorely disappointed because they just don't have the wattage that a MJ plant requires for it to come on out and produce big for you. You can take a plant that's been vegged with them and it will be beautiful. But when you flip the light cycle and force it to flower, it will become tall and lanky and the buds will not fully develop. Having the right light for flower is the difference between ending up with a few grams after dry and cure or a few ounces. We flower with HPS...4, 1000 watt fixtures per flower room approx. 10 x 14, and about 8 plants is what a "full room" is most of the time. By backing down on the number of plants we flower and giving each plant adequate space to absorb all that strong light above, we end up with a per plant yield of between 3.5 and 4 oz a plant. When I first started out, I had it in my mind that flowering more plants would yield more weight and ended up shading out most of the growth below the canopy of the plants.

    But from what I can tell in this picture, you have a beautiful plant. Looks like you need to pull it away from the wall and work on getting balanced light from above and on all sides. It might just be the way you have it for the picture, but it looks like you have all your development on one side because the other is up against the wall. Always give your plants plenty of space to grow regardless of which phase they're in. Crowding means shading out growth. Best of luck to you. TWW
  5. I appreciate the help! I was worried that it was something I was doing wrong. It just looked weird to me. This is roughly 27 days from when the seed sprouted. It is OG kush bagseed (at least that's what I was told). I plan on flowering withing the next 5-7 days. I topped one and fimmed the other the leaves just look like little spider legs is what I was worried the most about
  6. 1479738005831-1758532461.jpg 147973841487973818152.jpg took a better pic of the space between the wall and the plants..
  7. Hey I was checkin our your grow it looks good to me also I've grown with cfl from start to finish twice with great success. You can use the lights you have but they need to be moved and each light bulb should be 2-3 inches from the plants and if you can as close to bud spots as possible. I've tried a cfl fixture like you built there a few years ago and I learned the top bulbs are basically a waste because there too far from your plant..try to set up those reflectors all around the plant and ditch the top half of your cfl fixture. Then I would add 2-4 more soft white bulbs down on the sides and move them away from the wall like he said above. Good luck smoke up!

    Edit: correct myself on your cfl fixture, remove the bottom not the top and lower those four
    Bulbs within 2-3 inches.

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  8. Also do you have adequate air flow? There seems to be a very small twisting effect on your leaf tips that could be..could be..from heat.

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  9. Honestly looks like pH imbalance. People are going to say it's not necessary to pH soil, and they might be right, very rarely do I grow in legit soil, always hydro or soilless mixes. But these pics make me think pH. Check your runoff. I know in soil you want you're pH range around 6 and 6.3 for veg.

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  10. Sorry I haven't been on in a while I have since switched to 12/12 about a week and 2 days ago and the plants have recovered well (at least that's what I think) they are both females as the pistils have started to show all over. I will take pics a little later of how they have progressed
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