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  1. Hi this is my first grow,:wave: I bought seeds and have got this far. I'm so new to this I cant tell male or female!?!?!?! 5 Days into flowering. GIVE ME ANY SUGGESTIONS OR COMMENTS!! THANKS!!!:)

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  2. sorry... can't tell from the pics.

    Some plants take up to 2 weeks to show sex. Give it some time and surf the net for pics of both sexes.

    Males have balls

    Fems have hairs.
  3. I'll look for those, and I'll throw some better pics up tomorrow, Any other pointers I can do at this time? thanks
  4. just try to get us some closer pics to the nodes of the plants...until then..just keep your eyes open for hairs growin out of the nodes...then u know ur in good shape
  5. Yo man.
    Looking good.
    Just keep the dark period
    nice and dark and un-interrupted.
  6. Yeah, get some close ups ok?
  7. Heres some closer pics from a couple days ago. Still not too sure what to think on their sex. Any idea why one is so much shorter then the other? all of these pics are of the small one close up. Can I do anything with those dang fan leaves that take up my closet??? Any suggestions please!!

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  8. thats a female.
  9. This man is correct. Congratz on the lady!

  10. YESsssss!!!!! So far so good then...or i think. Any suggestions???
  11. why does it matter if its male or female i never got that
  12. Hi Aimed and Gage,
    I just started growing last week. If you don't mind, can you take BMXNick's pics there and circle where you see the female pre-flowers? I would be much obliged. Nick, your plants look very nice and I think you are doing well. Those fan leaves look so big and beautiful that "I" would personally hate to cut them. This is your choice however; I think you should wait until "you" determine the sex of your plants because cutting could delay the sexing process. Talk soon.
  13. Here, I did it for you guys
    Crap, I cant get the enlarged image for some reason. You get the idea. Do you see where to look BMX?

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  14. Time for some searchin sticky. Search "sexing" way too much stuff there.
  15. Alright I see more where to look now. Thanks for explaining everyone. I'll get some more pics up tomorrow!
  16. Yes BMX
    Where I circled, there are these little white whisps coming out. They are in the shape of a "V". These are the female flowers. Check all your plants to see if they have the same thing.
  17. females bud. males don't.
  18. ^^ so if you have a male plant it wont give you any weed?

  19. Nope. Don't smoke the males. They are only good for hash or pollinating the females which gives the females seeds, which is good if you need seeds but, seeded bud does not have a high THC content. Normally if you find a male in the garden, just pull it out and kill it.
  20. Here's a couple detailed p[ics for ya to judge from....

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