First grow need help identifying possible deficiency

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by S.Flowers, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. tested ph on second water at about day 17 and it was super low 4.6. Could this be due to nite lock out or cal mag def? Or something else? Other than that she’s growing like a beast now on day 28 starting to notice brown spots.

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  2. I’ll add that I did flush and brought ph back up.

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  3. When you watered.....did you give it nutes? How much?
  4. Yes I watered 1 gallon, microbes (fox farm microbrew) only, it’s in 6 gallon bucket with fox farm ocean forest soil. I messed up and put ph down in the water before adding microbes. So I’m thinking after adding microbes brought down ph even more and I didn’t notice the low ph until second watering at day 22.
  5. I'll bet my left................arm that that's what happened.

    Microbe brew is an "organic fertilizer" I believe.....meaning it feeds the living microbes in the soil....not the plants it can take a bit longer for you to see results using that compared to say...."bottled nutes"

    I would see how the plant(s) react to the Ph change and go from there...
  6. Get a cheap ph pen and ppm pen make your life easy double check your shit before you feed.
  7. Wat
    NO bugs ?
  8. No, no bugs.

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  9. I have a ph pen, maybe need to wait longer to test before adding. I’ll hold off 30 minutes before adding next time.

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  10. Thanks! It’s still moist underneath the soil, I’ll wait a few more days or until the bucket is lighter and add nutes. Should I hold off on the cal mag?

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