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  1. I tried this over a year ago and got discouraged that I couldn't grow as much as I wanted to.. well I'm back with a more open mind...
    Basically I want to grow some autoflowers in the bedroom of my apartment. Looking to Yield as much as possible but also I need to make sure my electrical bill doesn't skyrocket as I am only paying $10-$20 per month right now and if it starts flying up it brings unwanted attention to me. Space isn't really a big deal as I could use half of the room if I wanted..but I would like it to be as space-saving as possible or my gf might complain..haha
    Can 1/2 pound yield be possible in my situation? And what type of lights would you suggest? Anything helps... thanks

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    If you can nail 1g per watt, a 250w bulb will get you 8.8 ounces. Just a little over half a pound. That shouldn't draw much attention. If you look up your power company's power rates and see what time of day they increase, you can schedule your lights to be off when the rates are at their highest, and on when they drop.

    Here in the summer, rates go from $0.06 KWH to $0.56 KWH for a 6 hour period. So I have my light scheduled to turn off when it goes to the higher rate. Since I'm running 18/6 right now it works out perfect.

    If you do the math on that. I'm running 1/4 of a KWH so I'm paying $0.01 - $0.02 per KWH to run my light. If we round up to $0.02 x 18 hours = $0.36 per day or $10.80 per month.

    Most people won't notice the $10 increase and if they do, they're likely to think the TV or air was left on a little longer than normal that month. Good luck.

  3. Hello there, I myself don't think it really matters about the power you use as long as you don't steal it. The power company enjoys more money, they won't complain.
    As for lights you should use is, I would recommend 600W LED or better if you can afford it. And get yourself a nice little grow tent with a couple fans in a carbon filter and your set.

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