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    i just got my first seed to sprout 2 days ago, and i placed it about an inch and a half under some soil in my growbox. now that i got started i have a few questions-will an 8 in florecsent light about a foot away from the plant be enough? (i am using the SOG technique)how long does it typically take for the sprout to reach above soil?how much and often do i need to water it? is there anything i can do to assure the plant will be female? ( i only have one, and i put a banana in the box because i heard ethanol gasses help. but i was wondering if there is anything else i can do)how long does the actually budding process take once i cut my light cycle from 24 to 12-12?what can i do to get rid of the smell once it starts? ( i have dryer sheets over the vents)i would appreciate any answers i can get
  2. an 8 inch floro?
    it won't be enough... whats the wattage?

    read around and all your questions are answered
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    Hail and well met fellow grower!

    Your plants will love you to death if you'll spend some time over HERE reading a bit...
    A lot of people went through a lot of trouble to get that information all in one place. Reading it all will make your plants VERY happy ;)

    When you've answered all of the questions you have now and have a few more technical questions... drop on by and we'll be very happy to help you out. :)

    Nope... You'll need approximately 50 watts per square foot.

    Hrmmm... so you're going to hope this one is female and clone her?
    You'll need more than one plant :)
    (SOG uses MANY small clones thrown directly into 12/12 without any vegetative time)

    If you put it just under the surface and the soil is between 75F and 80F it will show in just a day or so.

    Stick your finger at LEAST 2-3 inches into the soil and see if it's dry. If it is.. water it.
    If you're in doubt... don't water it. The plant will start to droop a bit. (Read more on watering in the FAQ link above)

    Nope... just treat it well and if it IS female.. it will STAY female. Stress can cause males and hermies

    What strain is it? Any where from 45 days (Skunk #1) to 100 days for some Sativas.

    Dryer sheets will only mask the residual smell. Look into making or buying an activated charcoal filter.

    Again.. I took the time to answer these for you so you wouldn't get discouraged but all of the questions you asked can be answered by reading the FAQ link at the top of my reply.
  4. it is only a 4 watt light, but it seems to be doings to trick so far. i guess by SOG i mean i am gonna pin the plant down after every pair of leaves grow, then finish it growing straight up until it is somewhat close to the top of the box it is in. and i dont know the strand name, it will be one of 3 strands i had, none of them anything too great. i am really just doin this to see if i can. im not even tryin to get enough to sell, i just thought it would be fun to grow my own weed and roll it all up this winter, just for the hell of it. but i figure i can get that plant between 2 and 2.5 feet tall in the box that its in, how big of a yield is that typically?
  5. oh yeah, and i covered everything in foil, with the dull side visible, if that makes any difference in the necessary wattage.
    thanks a shit load, again
  6. Take the foil down, more harm than good. Get at least 100 actaul watts on that plant. You mean LST not SOG. Sorry for the bluntness its late lol.
  7. Low Stress Training....

    It's a sticky at the top of this forum you posted in... you can read the thread HERE
  8. You sound like a perfect candidate for CFL growing. Get rid of that 4w light, it won't help anything. Go to Wal Mart and get 2 26w compact fluorescent lights that say daylight 6500k on them. These are the spiral energy saver bulbs. In the same aisle you can probably find a Y splitter so you can put both bulbs into one socket. This will be a good start. Do it soon before your babies stretch too much.
  9. your a lot of help kamelredlight, thanks!

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