First Grow, need an advice over here.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dannysk8dude, Aug 14, 2011.

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    Well, thing is...

    I want to start growing, i already got some blueberry seeds :D , and i've tried before a couple times (to know how to germinate them, but never let them grow too much), I have been researching a lot over the internet, and GC :smoke:

    BUT, I dont know if should I tell my parents about it, Straight letting them know I like pot, and how I can grow it from seed, and not buying from any shady dealer on the street,
    AND asking their permission to grow in the garden (its their house).

    Anyway, I got this friend that moved fairly close to my house, and their parents let him grow, and even water his plants sometimes, he says i can plant my seeds there and visit them and take care of them and shit, I can drive there and be in like 5 minutes, but i don't know...

    first grow, i got blueberry seeds
    dont know if should i plant in my crib and
    tell my parents whats up and ask them to let me grow here.
    OR plant in my friends place, he lives close, and his parents
    are hippies, so they are cool about it.
  2. If I was you I wouldn't grow in my parents home without permission. Remember, if you do you are putting their house and possibly jobs at risk and to be honest, parents aren't stupid. By the end they'll probably find out anyway if you're not going all out to hide it.

    Also, about your friend.. Unless he said he wants a cut or something, I don't believe he would risk his own ass to gain nothing, so speak to him about it. If he doesn't want anything out of it that seems a little sketchy to me. How good of a friend is he?
  3. I need more information,post a pic of your mom and maybe I can help you ?
  4. I agree with MagGray,
    Don't grow in your parents house without their permission,,,if they allow u then that's great.

    I also wouldn't recommend growing on any property other than your own for all sortsa reasons.

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