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  1. Okay so im doing mt first grow. Im doing it in my walk in closet im only gonna do a single plant at first. But i was wondering if theirs a such thing as to much soace for a plant. Also i am not gonna do a tent just open closet. The whole room has been sterilized i have a wood stand for the plant to sit on. White tarp on the floor 1 t-5 4 bulb with 2 3000k lights and 2 6000k lights i might supplement with a homemade cfl bulb system what does everyone think any info anyine has would be awesome thank you all
  2. Sorry im growing a sweet seeds sweet cheese auto fem just so yall know
  3. While I understand the reasoning behind wanting just one plant, I feel I should warn you that once you harvest this pant you will greatly regret not doing 2 or 3. But don't push your limit.

    There is such a thing as too much space. That being said you can grow in as large a container as you wish, it will just take time. Don't put a newly germinated seed in a 5 gallon pot, likewise don't plant a 2 foot tall plant in a red solo cup. Just work your way up.

    What are you doing for ventilation in the closet?
  4. do more plants with better lights, it's not much more money and a little more work, for 3-4x the return. do the math.
  5. Well brain i really just wanted to see how well i do with this one first i mean if i fuck up just one plant okay but if i fuck 3 at one time thats not gonna fly with me lol. I will definitely do more after i see how this one goes
  6. Amd hello ladies what would be the better lights ur talking led. No thanks i think i will definitely have a good yeild with my t-5 and 6 cfls
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    When it comes to space, you want to remember that the whole plant wants light. Not just the top. If the side/front/rear walls are too far away, then light can't reflected off of them for your mid/lower growth. You could make temporary side/front/rear walls from cardboard boxes big enough to do so. Compliment the boxes with white material of some kind or paint, whatever works for you. Even just the plain cardboard box will atleast reflect SOMETHING as opposed to nothing.

    You have a nice setup for starters. Seems to me that you want to start as small as possible (maybe even as cheap as possible) and work your way up as you learn. No problem there. I did the same. I do regret not spending the extra cash on good lighting (HID; HPS for me) from the get go though.

    I'm not going to repeat what many people have already said on lighting specs/advantages/disadvantages and wtf ever. Plenty of good info if you look. Your mixed spectrum of bulbs will do fine. I've found personally that they like the mix as opposed to blue or red. Secondary and side growth does a lot better with some red spectrum (around 2700k). I have a couple plants now that were grown with straight 2700k and they have some of the best secondary growth I've been able to produce. For flowering however, you definitely want to cut out the blue (6500k). This is one of those subjects where a lot people think they know better because of what someone else said. Experiment here to find what you like for sure.

    I will mention that you'll make things easier if you remember that you'll need to be able to raise and lower your light, if you don't raise or lower your plants. One way or the other.
  8. Yea ive got a simple homade rig to move th lighting up and down. I was looking at doing a 400 watt bulb but whats the difference between hid and hps in lumens and color temp and im going to supplement that with 4 more cfls of the opposite collor spectrum so im Using both colors
  9. I moght nixs the t-5 ive been looking and i can get way more lumens from cfl bulbs
  10. High Intensity Discharge is the catagory High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide fall under.
  11. get a good plan for air exchange. gotta have fresh air in there
  12. Heads up on the auto too. The more light (24-0, 20-4) the better. Although I've seen some autos on single seed center that need 18/6...confused:(.

    I grew an auto last grow and it got 3 1/2ft tall! Never no...sry I'm stoned. Lol
  13. Lol same hahaha gotta go to work though hate working late nights but autos can very in light the optimal range i believe is 18/6 all the way to 24. I my self plan to run the plant only 18/6 for veg the 20/4 for when she flowers. Just because i do believe that the plant does need her rest
  14. If its an auto I've found it's best to transplant it only once so if your final pot size is 5gal put it in there the first transplant. Autos grow so fast that transplanting multiple times can greatly decrease your yield. Good luck on your grow!
  15. Well i was just gonna germinat it then put it in a little pet moss thing or whatever they are. then take that whole little thing and put it straight in my medium

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